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wow! finally watched it last night. i have to say that we were laughing laughing laughing during some bits -- the brawl with adama and tigh, when adama was telling tigh how he'd learned so much about himself (!) -- what that actor did with his one visible eye was excellent. and the thought of lee as president. oh, and the send off for adama -- lee and starbuck looking all respectable there. we definitely need to watch it again. i didn't see a preview but i seriously...
i'm not a driver but i wouldn't live in a situation where i couldn't walk to a shop, at least. we have good public transport plus i can walk into the city centre (not in paris anymore, where i lived in the centre) -- these were important parts of choosing where to live. i get groceries delivered twice a month and otherwise i'm one of those ladies covered in cloth bags, pushing a double stroller. we walk a lot. ds1 has a great raincoat so he won't melt. i second...
ds1 will ask *anyone* for a better answer than the one that me and dp give him. :-D i don't think he's pitting us against one another. and he also goes through spells of shouting "no daddy no!!" when dp goes to help him with something, especially in the night. sometimes dp would come back to me and my response was generally, "ds is not the responsible person in this situation nor is he the decision-maker" (i was normally nursing ds2 when this happened). and this...
big gaeta fan, although i've always thought he was a cylon. it was so sad for him, great song though! two weeks? what are you folks on about, two weeks? and i just read something about how this series is split into two installments of 10 episodes each...and that was 7! ai. how fabulous did kara look tonight? i guess they have a spa room on the base ship because she was looking a million times better than she has lately. even though she didn't realise that natalie...
i have to say that i definitely don't have an underweight issue. i had lost a lot but i've been putting it back on lately -- i wrecked my back and can't do as much as i want. and of course i have the little toddler of destruction who is trashing my house on an hourly basis. anyway, i feel like a heifer and it's kind of bringing me down. i think e has all his teeth now. no, he needs his two year molars and then he'll be set.
re: tigh's memories, i'm pretty sure that he and adama didn't serve together in the first cylon war. i think they met during a bar fight after the war... i'd forgotten that kira was the second bajoran on the show! i do try to block out admiral cain, i have to say. i love this show.
welcome emily! i lived in mass too and i'm in northern france now. hope you can find some info! have you checked out the finding your tribal area section? there's a netherlands section for you! welcome!
i thought barbara bush was there too! isn't that funny? sorry about your mom
congratulations and welcome baby girl!
yeah, it hurts but it's not like pain that doesn't go away -- contractions come in waves and they are manageable. and it's for a limited amount of time. good luck! and yeah, read the ina may books, they help!
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