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i recently saw an ex on telly -- at the baftas (english emmys)! i was so surprised. he's not an actor but he was nominated. i didn't say anything to dp though...even though we've been together 10 years and he was sitting on the sofa next to me.
i was wigged out (hee) by the ellen/six thing too, but everyone did a great job with it. it could have been terrible but it wound up working. the whole pain/pleasure thing through the episode was a bit much -- like those are the things that make people human... such a good show! i'm so glad it's back. dp is already mourning the end of the series though.
wow, so many communicating babies! ds2 doesn't really say anything -- he does dada and mama but i don't think it's really for us. he makes a little ta sound when we give him something. as for signing, maybe he would be up for it. we do a tickle game called round and round the garden (it starts with circling with a finger on the baby's palm) and he does this for us sometimes. he's 14 months today!
ooh, that's hard. but i'd go for shanghai because of costs and benefit to baby. pollution is everywhere these days. i've lived in asia and i know it's something there, but shanghai as a coastal city is hopefully less polluted than wuhan. you can go to missouri once the loans are paid off! good luck, whatever you decide!
the thing i hate most about zoos is the people. idiots shouting at animals, banging on glass if there's glass. i remember going to the national zoo in washington dc more than 10 years ago and these simpletons were shouting at the pandas to do something. hi, they're pandas. these folks were very lucky to see them (or one?) live and in person. i imagine it's worse now that everyone has a video camera. we go to our local zoo, which is free and very small. ds1 loves it and...
yeah, i'm pretty sure the cylons are seriously strong. leoben did a number on adama even when he was very very sick that time in the weapons depot, back in the day. yummy helo pic, thanks! i first started watching the series post-partum and we began with episode 1 instead of the mini-series. it was a head wreck and whenever they switched over to helo scenes, i was baffled. no idea about previews and the sci-fi website won't let me watch. i'm sure i could find some...
stealing. and i don't know about you folks, but i have a whole story in my head about a widower who dropped off his dead wife's knitting patterns with the notion that she supported a charity and would like to continue doing so. and he could go into the shop and see the patterns on display and know that someone else would get use out of them. sigh. have you left them back yet?
no cars here either. we're in france but not in paris anymore. most folks up here have cars but there is a good public transport network where we live. we couldn't have moved here without it! and yes, public transport with two kids is a serious pain but it's much easier here -- the parisian metro doesn't have escalators or elevators for the most part.
another not-a-fan-of-cally, but man! that was something. as soon as she left with the baby i knew she was headed for the airlock. they did such a good job with that episode, i was on the edge of my seat! i felt so bad for her, the actress did a fabulous job, i thought. and i loved all those flashbacks. can you imagine, she worshipped this man for years and then he turns out to be her worst enemy? more later...
yay! yay! i'm so glad it's back! personally since the actress has been botoxed or whatever, i have a hard time with roslin. i used to love her but now i'm not feeling it. i think she's pretty angry that someone else has visions. the pp who mentioned the chief's baby -- i know! i'm wondering when we'll hear more about that. how wicked was episode two -- let the cylon civil war begin. and more this weekend! yay!
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