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i just voted yes and i'm the 100th voter. i had it bad with my first for the first few months (unpleasant birth -- forceps and lots of cuts plus tearing and messed up tailbone) and a bit with my second (much nicer birth, no epidural, laboured in water). it has gone away but i've never been mad keen on bf.
http://www.ladycrumpet.com/pics/luka.jpg not girlie!
Quote: Originally Posted by NiteNicole Bloom! tee hee! luka bloom is an irish singer (and brother of christy moore) who took his name from that song. i would stay away from luca blue for that reason. luca pax is my fave so far (crickets be damned). oooh, i just mistyped, luca paz! same thing but a bit different! or you could do luca paix... i know a little kai luca, what about reversing them? luca kai? hmmm...not so much...
boy's name. we thought about ruan for ds1's name. have you ever heard of mr bean?
love love love python. and yes, somedays, as a mum, i do feel exactly like that sad knight who says it's only a fleshwound! other days i'm decidedly in the ex-parrot category.
i've not been there so i don't have any words of wisdom.
yay!! well done beth! and welcome merry -- i love her name. i bet annie and jesse are over the moon as well.
hiya ds1 isn't keen on trying things at the table. if you offer him something standing around the kitchen, he's much more likely to try it. for some reason when he's seated at the table he wants what he wants. or if we're out and about. i don't know if other kids are like this, but i thought i'd put it out there. we never make food something to fight about. ok, ds1 wants a treat and he doesn't get one, then there's some fussing. i totally understand that you...
thanks mamas.
hiya we live in france, we've family from elsewhere. when someone visits, they generally stay a few days and ds1 has come to expect presents. i know part of it is being three. and we had xmas and then his birthday and he associates visiting with pressies. we met up with one friend who lives elsewhere in france and she didn't have a present for him and he wasn't terrible but she handled it beautifully . we have at least one visitor coming soon who won't bring a present...
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