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hiya we live in france, we've family from elsewhere. when someone visits, they generally stay a few days and ds1 has come to expect presents. i know part of it is being three. and we had xmas and then his birthday and he associates visiting with pressies. we met up with one friend who lives elsewhere in france and she didn't have a present for him and he wasn't terrible but she handled it beautifully . we have at least one visitor coming soon who won't bring a present...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lousli Beth, I'm kind of stalking you right now.... but I promise not to call you every two minutes (Slinks away to hide) me too! i just had to know how you were doing beth! i hope everything goes smoothly soon!
Quote: Originally Posted by superstella That really did make me giggle. Are there no peeps in France? The shame! really, no peeps in france. we can get cadbury's eggs at the english grocer though. and we had belgian chocolate easter eggs this year once i shared some peeps with some colleagues in dublin -- they were all, to a person, revolted by them.
peeps are the only thing i miss about america.
we made it into a game -- run run run run run STOP! in the garden. so he learned how to stop quickly and how to stop when asked to stop. i don't think i'd have the presence of mind to shout "red light" in an emergency. we either hold hands or he's in a buggy or something when we're out in the world. no cars so not much time in parking lots -- thank goodness! he's three now and man, what a difference! i was telling him tonight how much i really enjoyed spending today...
nope! we live far from family as well (planes or ferries would be required to see relations) and it was hard for the second. i was lucky in that my mom came for two months and helped out with ds1 loads. we also have a house cleaner who comes once a month. we got one about a month after mom left and it's been great. if nothing else it prevents me from leaving the place the pit i know it could be! it's hard and i think that if you want to keep some semblance of your...
subbing, ds2 is a screamer too. i do the whispering sometimes and it helps *me* because i feel like i'm doing something. i'm hearing impaired and i don't scream yo. my kids have great hearing, they look in the direction of sounds -- which i can't tell myself -- and tell me when someone's knocking, etc.
i started typing zaire at one point and then i remembered. i put in kosovo just to see and there it was! i only got 72 with two kiddos going mummy! mummy! and then noticing that the little one was mid-poo...off to change the nappy!
i saw a photo of the trousers in question and yup, apparently america wasn't feeling the love. there was an article a while ago on some british site that said that the high waists were coming back. maybe, but not like that!
hiya the usians don't require the notarised letter. the canadians do though. i found this out when i flew, six months pregnant, with 20 month ds...i had had dp do a letter for me but it wasn't notarised. whatever, i was only passing through so they didn't fuss. and when i asked the u.s. folk, they said that it wasn't necessary. photos are good, especially if your dc is in the photo with the folks. our relatives are always impressed that our ds knows them. in the...
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