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yeah, i've been there. it's no fun at all. my older ds would generally come over and shout at me whilst i nursed the little guy. fun! just what you want post-partum, you know? and i was lucky enough to have my mum here to help out for ages. deep breaths, this too shall pass. lots of redirection, "can you get this for mummy?" and we did dvds as well. hugs to you and congrats on the birth of your baby!
welcome miss 1928! our group used to be so good about posting a new thread at the beginning of the month but not today. and i'm not either! the two toddlers are at it a bit. i just wanted to say that i use the ergo and the beco for carrying ds2 around. i prefer the back carry as i'm generally out for a few hours and it's better for my back. but ds2 does pull at his hat and it gets over his eyes...anyway, i prefer the ergo to the beco, especially for a long...
excellent thread! i did a modified jay gordon nightweaning with my first and it worked but it was kind of painful. ds2 co-sleeps and it's no longer working for us -- for him, me, or dp. we had planned on the boys sharing a room but ds2 isn't into the crib so we don't do that. i'm thinking that we'll put a double futon on the floor in there and gate the door (it's right next to our room). i was thinking that he'd have to be in his big bed first, then i'd nightwean but...
my baby is one! :
... anyway, my little guy, who will be 1 on monday, cut his first molar yesterday! poor wee man. uh oh, he's crawling into the loo to see his brother...ai.
oooh, ruth was one of my words! do you think it knows that ruthla is sending loads of mamas their way?
snif, that was so fast! ds1 had his third birthday last week and ds2 is one next week! two toddlers? ai! ps, happy birthday sophie!
gorgeous! i'm grinning from ear to ear. beautiful job, kathryn -- on the photos, the movie and especially on your lovely children.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marylizah That was actually our original plan. The family language would be French, then each parent individually speaks to DS in one language. So far it isn't working very well, maybe because we're living with my parents for the moment and it feels kind of rude to speak in a language they don't understand. Plus I worry that it isn't enough exposure. Hopefully when we're on our own we can enforce that better. well,...
happy birthday babies!! we're going to do a little something for e on friday even though his bday is the 25th. my mom's in town as yesterday was ds1's third birthday. it seems like just yesterday he was 1! we've held a gift back for ds1 for ds2's petite fete. and in the future ds2 will get a little something a bit early. i guess that's one good thing about having their birthdays so close together! happy birthday babies!!
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