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I only met her a handful of times before Ex and I split. I haven't seen her in over two years and she does not communicate with me at all. :O(  
Hey all...so 5 1/2 yo DS will be leaving at the end of this month to visit his dad (16 hours and four states away) for five weeks. He visits his dad in CO every couple of months and this will be the first long trip. His paternal grandmother, who lives six hours away from his dad, always comes out and stays with them when DS is there. This trip, DS has informed me, his dad is sending him to Kansas (grandmother's house), six hours away, for a week of the five weeks he'll...
Thank you for posting this!
Ha! Sorry mama...while I have no words of wisdom I had to comment b/c it's so cute and funny. I have actually known several other kids who did the same thing and they all grew out of it eventually. Good luck!
That is SO sad, it breaks my heart!!! :O( The fact that they think a COLOR will MAKE him gay...oh goodness. They are going to ruin their relationship with their son before it even has a full potential to blossom if they spend his life trying to change who he is. I wish people could just realize the damage this type of thinking does to a person's self esteem. Our DS looks very delicate and even if he's in all blue/"boyish" attire he is still referred to as a she at least...
Put him in COUNSELING????? WTF?
Naturallymommy, thanks! I should find a better pic of his eyes...I will admit they are amazing! ;o) The rest of you have some pretty amazing little kiddos too! Beautiful!
My little man...His hair is a little longer than the bottom picture and when it's wet it comes down his back.        
lala...I am SURE things are different in Switzerland than they are in the States so I can't say what I would or wouldn't do in your scenario. I will say that it IS legal for children to fly on airplanes alone once they turn five and, much to my dismay, My DS started making the 2 1/2 hour flight alone to see his dad last month. NOW I see that he's not only perfectly capable but he loves it and it's not a problem. I'm still a nervous wreck until I get the text from his dad...
EXACTLY. WHAT. SHE. SAID. What the HELL are they thinking???????    
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