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Noah doesn't get them when he's sick but he gets a few little pimples/rashiness on his face. This seems to be from an allergic reaction of sorts. He had some eczema issues when he was young but that was when he was nursing and I was still vegetarian and had dairy. That stopped when I went vegan. What do you do to relieve the redness and swelling...anything?
So this has been happening for a while now...probably a year. I think as I type this I might have the answer but I'm looking for some input. DS's eyes were really itchy last night before he went to bed. He woke up this morning and they were really, really bad...Red, swollen almost shut and still itchy. We thought it was the cats earlier this year but we moved and the cats have been strictly outdoor cats at the new home. It happens a lot less these days but it still...
Booooo! We wil be in NC FOUR DAY later! Seeing her speak would be like seeing Jane Goodall speak again...*sigh*.
THANK YOU! ) If you don't mind I will be PMing you tomorrow with a couple of questions. It's bedtime right now! Thank you, thank you!
DS turns 4 next month and REALLY wants a violin. We've thought long and hard on this and have decided to nurture this desire and see what kind of an interest he really has in learning the instrument. (Don't worry...we're only renting for now!) I have been searching HIGH AND LOW for an instructor though and have had no luck so far. We're renting the violin from Frank's in Broad Ripple but the woman he suggested doesn't teach this young. Anyone have any suggestions or...
This was not something that was disclosed (or hidden!) during enrollement, either. Putting my political views & values aside I think the thing I have the biggest problem with is that my son cannot tell me what it is he's saying or why he's saying it. He's only reciting a politically loaded verse that is being taught to him without understanding the meaning, values or implications behind what he's saying. If he's old enough to understand exactly what he's saying and why...
Hi all... Let me preface this by saying I really love 99% of DS's school, he loves it and is really, really thriving. He'll be four in a few week and I'm amazed at the things he already knows and is learning from this school. My problem...they make them say the pledge every morning. 3-6 year olds? Really? I don't agree with saying the pledge period, to me it's like forcing them to pray. But when you are forcing 3-6 year olds to *pledge their allegience* to a flag when...
Another vote for Dr. Park. It's a bit of a wait for an appointment but it's DEFINITELY worth it. A tip that I don't mention often but I'm sure other mamas have noticed...if you schedule FIRST thing in the morning (7am?) or RIGHT after lunch (1pm) you'll get in to your appointment faster. ) His staff is great, too. We spent a GREAT deal of time searching for the right doctor, blew through at least half dozen duds before finding Dr. Park. SO glad we did!
We started breaking out two days ago and he woke up with new sores today. I will donate whatever. We are just north of downtown Indy (Fall Creek Place). We may go for a hike the first part of today but we will pretty much be around town all weekend. Let me know!
UnoppressedMamaQ does it. PM her or PM me...I'd be happy to hook you up with her.
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