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Unfortunately I have way higher standards than most CCDF accepting preschools. We're at Montessori Academy (75th & Michigan) and I *LOVE* it as far as my CCDF options go. However, it's a wee bit frustrating in terms of commuting in the mornings. We're probably going to stay there, however, due to lack of quality options. *sigh* Off topic...that actually sounds like a quite fabulous idea! We haven't done that in a really, really long time! I may have a photo shoot in...
Anyone? Anyone? Beuler? Hey Sunshine...if you're on here, what is Sky's teacher's name? Scott and I have an appointment on Friday.
I am going to tour the Center for Young Children on IUPUI campus but I was wondering if anyone knew of another quality childcare/preschool near downtown Indy? My DS goes to Montessori Academy of Indpls on the north side and, as much as I hate to leave there, I think it would relieve a lot of stress on our family to have him near my school. TIA!
Thanks for the bump, lovely lady! Sorry I haven't emailed you back by the way...it's been quite a strange and sad week but I promise to get back to you soon. One note about the RRFM this week...those of you who have come the past two months may remember seeing Matt & Ethan there giving urban and wilderness survival demonstrations. Last weekend Ethan and our friend, Sara, were in an canoeing accident on the river. Sara made it out of the water...Ethan's body has not...
Bumpity-bump! Just wanted to let you all know that the Afro Modern dance class is from 3-4pm at the RRFM Saturday!
I'll second Sunshinesister's vote for Monro's on Keystone. She sent me there recently for some work on my Jeep and they were quick, responsive, honest and very reasonable. I have officially found my new "home" for car repairs. Thanks Sunshine...love ya, mama!
Just wanted to let everyone know that the second RRFM is this Saturday at Earth House Collective (corner of East and New York) from 2:30 to 6pm. So far there will be a FREE massage therapist, FREE African movement dance class, FREE Music Together demo, etc., etc, etc.!!! Come check it out! www.indyrrfm.blogspot.com
Kaitnbugsmom... Absolutely! We would love to see you there. It is truly an amazing community event and we're looking forward to January 17th being bigger and better than the last. Nuvo interviewed us about the event and last I heard the Jan. 14th Nuvo may actually have the RRFM as the cover story, with my pics to boot! If you want to talk to me in more detail about offering up your services, which would be completely amazing, PM me pleeeease! ~peace
Oh definitely...everyone (and anything!) is welcome. The only thing we ask is that you don't bring unusable "junk". We succeeded this past Saturday and had a lot of quality items there, as you probably saw in the photos. We would love to see you there! PM me if you'd like to join the mailing list for updates!
Thank YOU! We definitely have the massage therapist/reiki healer/tarot reader and the survivalists coming back next month! We'll probably have another yoga class, too, as there's one other instructor interested in contributing. Anyone who wants to check it out, you can find an update and TONS of images on the blog... www.indyrrfm.blogspot.com ! ~peace
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