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Just joined...let me know if you need any more moderating help! Just so you girls know, you can make up a "new" name and make it your default, instead of your e-mail address. That way we could use our MDC names, or something close to it, so that we all recognize each other! Just a thought!
Me too!!! I really get alot out of chatting with all of you mamas...it's been helpful in so many ways. And therapeutic, I might add! I think it would be such a great help (and fun, too!) to continue on after the babes are all born!
That was fun...thanks for the link! I'm yellow/indigo!
Well, apparantly it worked for Mamma2Finn!!!!
Awwwwwwww! So exciting to hear! Did you have any idea you had a little boy in your belly??? I'm glad to hear everything is fine and you have that stress off of your shoulders!
CONGRATS & WELCOME GAVIN!!! Look at him...he has GREAT color!!! Thanks for the story and pics! WOW...the babies are starting to *pop out* left and right these days!!!!
Ok...so someone piqued my interest with this whole adult indigo thing, so I copied/pasted this off of a website for everyone's viewing pleasures! WOW...does it fit me to a T!!! This is the link: http://www.genindigo.com/Are%20You%2...t%20Indigo.htm Are You an Adult Indigo? ~by Wendy H. Chapman, Director, Metagifted.Org Yes, you can be an adult Indigo at any age. The Indigos are not JUST those born from 1975-1995, although that is certainly the largest group....
So sorry mama!!! I can relate to your frustration, really! I'm being seen by 50 different (ok...maybe not 50, but YKWIM) midwives and my *due date* is anywhere from November 15th to December 3rd!!!!! NO one can decide, my cycle has NEVER been regular, so I have NO ability in helping out with dates and it only makes me frustrated. SO...I'm anywhere from 36.5 weeks to 39.5 weeks...WHO KNOWS!!! I was measuring for a Nov. 15th DD consistently for weeks, then the...
You're doing the right thing to ease your mind! Good luck & keep us updated!
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