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My DS is 5, and both he and his 2 yo sister start each evening in their own beds (they share a room). By the end of each night, they are both in our bed. We don't really mind, especially with the cold weather it's very cozy, but I'm just curious when this will stop. Should I be encouraging DS to stay in his own bed?
did you try downloading it again? I think I did that once and the app store didn't charge me, just let me redownload it. If not--next time remember to back up your phone--then you could restore it from your computer.
I haven't read the thread, I don't feel that way about my kids though sometimes I wish I was a different kind of mom, the relaxed kind that cooks meals from scratch. But the thread reminded me once when DS was about 3 I'd just washed his hair and told him how handsome he looked and he said "Yes. All the other parents will say, gee, I wish I had a cute kid like that." I have no idea where that came from but it still cracks me up!
What does his teacher say? My son is nearly the same age but has always been very social, I remember him getting on the dance floor at a wedding at 18 months with a 2 year old girl and just having a blast. He's much more social than his father and I. He's always run over and started playing with other kids at the park--whether they wanted him to or not. A challenge for us has been teaching him manners about asking to play before just jumping in. My DD is 2 but we ran...
I grew up in tornado country and I would have been so out of there! You were very lucky!
I quit pumping around 11 months, had started supplementing a little with formula at about 6 months, switched to whole milk at a year. We continued to nurse on demand at home no problem until we weaned about a month ago (a few weeks shy of DD's 2nd birthday). I loved nursing but hated pumping! I think it's magical the way my body adjusted to the new schedule, weekends, vacations were fine. So weird and wonderful!
Thanks for all the feedback. I ordered this Thompson "piano for little fingers" or something like that, we looked at the first lesson yesterday. It definitely seems like something I can teach him--the instructions are very spelled out. And he was interested for about 5 minutes--so I'm glad I'm trying it at home--because it seems he's not ready for 50 minute lessons yet! (that's the $25 ones)
ugh, I still remember being a kid and collecting tons of acorns in jars, looking at them one day, and seeing they were totally covered in little worms. Ew.
DS, 5, has started saying he wants to learn a piano. We have a piano that is never played--I studied through high school. We do have a nice music school within walking distance that has a group piano class for his age--but it's $25 a lesson! (And you sign up for a semester at a time). It seems crazy expensive considering I should be capable of teaching him the rudiments. Has anyone taught their kid piano? How did you do it? Do you start with teaching how to read notes?...
I still remember this from when I was in high school 20-odd years ago, remembering it with pain. For one, I was a nerd, what was I supposed to do, come to school dressed like normal? Two, we were dirt, DIRT poor. I did not have a budget to buy special clothes to dress up in (I think there was also hawaiian day, things like that). What if you don't have goofy socks or green or whatever, and you can't afford to go out and spend money to wear something like once? I mean,...
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