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If your child is on an IEP, how often do you communicate with the teacher, therapists, etc. about his/her progress?   My son started K this year. He has been receiving Speech and OT through the public schools for 2 years now. Now his services are done during the day at school. Because of that, I have not met his therapists and receive no communication from them. We did talk about his issues a little at our parent/teacher conference last month, and his annual IEP...
My 5 yo has never mentioned anything about his privates, but he does say he wants to marry our dog when he grows up because he loves her so much and he tells her "I love you, wife." So... I think it's a bit early to draw any conclusions from this!
This has to be the most anti-AP thing I've ever read. It frankly horrified me. It's a mother proudly describing what she says is the "chinese" way to raise a child. (I don't know about that--I live in a neighborhood with a lot of Chinese immigrants and they all seem incredibly attentive and affectionate towards their children). She describes - proudly - telling her daughter she is "garbage" and making her stay at the piano - no breaks for water or to go to the bathroom -...
Well, I don't keep track on a one to one basis but after a few YEARS I finally noticed that if I didn't call my mom, I would never hear from her. She doesn't call on holidays, birthdays (mine or the kids), or for any reason. It's all on me to make the first move. I don't get it.
Love this!! I think I will try it. We'd bought some air dry clay, I was going to make handprints, have the kids (5 and 2) paint them, put ribbons through them and say they were ornaments. We made two of each kid and all but one broke right away. So we will try rudolph!
Cambridge has public full-day kindergartens but you are assigned a school by lottery--not by neighborhood.
really? Did she tell you that or did you check the state website? She sounds way out of compliance. Yeah... I think it's possible to find someone who will respect your values and give your chid a better environment and experience... good luck!
Can I gently suggest that you look for a licensed family daycare? The licensing board would never allow the things you list about the state of the premises. That sounds very concerning to me.
I've posted here about my issues with our daycare. It's kind of the opposite situation, I loved our home daycare provider -- who has an older daughter (12) who is 1. in school all day and 2. awesome with the kids -- but left it to take an opening in the toddler room at the preschool my older child had attended (he's now in Kindergarten) because 1. he had a great experience there and 2. it's SO much closer to our house (10 min walk vs. 20-30 min drive). And at first things...
I like to read the fortean times website and there's a thread on this there, too: http://www.forteantimes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=328 I didn't read the thread but I can't stand malls or big box stores, I start to freak out pretty quick. I think part is agoraphobia, I can't take crowds indoors or out. Noise bugs me too. Pick up time at kindergarten kills me, there's wall to wall kids and parents and the noise is deafening, I always grab DS and race outside as fast as...
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