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Good for you! It seems the reasons they advise against deli meats are nitrates and the risk of listeria (ditto that on soft cheeses). I looked into the numbers of listeria infections in the US and was underwhelmed, to say the least. No one is keeping my brie/feta/blue cheese from me! Puh-leeze. And last time I had wicked cravings for all kinds of meat (don't have much of an appetite this time around) and I still remember fondly the huge sub I had with prociutto, salami,...
Does anyone else's toddler do this? DS will point to something and ask "what's that?", I tell him, he points to it and asks "what's that?" again, and will do it again and again until I either ask him to tell me what it is, or if I say something ridiculous like "that's a giraffe." "no it's not a giraffe mommy it's a car." Do you think it's something to be worried about? Or do you think he means something other than "what's that" and I'm not really answering his question...
congrats! I'm planning on telling DS much later, maybe when he will actually be able to feel the baby move. At this point, DH doesn't even really believe it's real...
We have a great vacation in Nov., went to Florida, got rooms that were suites with kitchenettes so we only ate out once (DS also cannot sit still in a restaurant). He loved the beach and the pool at the hotel. I was surprised that it was actually relaxing! And with the suite DH and I could have some adult time after DS went to sleep. It was really nice.
I'm still up a few pounds, but part of it was going from a B to C cup, and most of my pants still fit, so that's no big deal. I didn't have any tearing, so things got back to normal down there pretty quickly too, though it was, um, like being a virgin again for a few weeks. The changes I see are all positive, I laugh more, I love more.
I lost my plus at 35 weeks with my son... and he was born a couple days later, and it was a big bloody thing. So your experience sounds different.
My son likes that "hush little baby don't you cry, mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird" song, but I don't know any of the words, so he just tells me what to say and it gets silly. erm, so I guess that doesn't really help you!
Before a flight I buy a bunch of crappy little presents and wrap them all. I think I got a set of finger puppets from Ikea with ten puppets for $2. Like I said, I wrapped them and let him open one at a time at critical moments throughout the flight. It kept DS occupied for awhile. A third the stickers. Also lollipops. They take a long time to eat.
I was just going to post the same thing. I have no clue how to even approach potty training. Should I be setting my son (who will also be 3 in May and who NEEDS to be trained by Sept for preschool) on the potty every hour? I've had some success (maybe 4 times) setting him on it first thing in the morning, but haven't tried much else. So I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else is doing!
Yeah, I will definitely wait till after the first tri, and as long after that as I possibly can. I am planning on returning to work (unless I have twins, and I should know by the time I tell them), hopefully with some flexibility. Although my employer doesn't offer paid leave even to people who have been here over a year, there are many, many people on flexible schedules. Oh, as some more background the last person in my job left when she had to go on bedrest... then...
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