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So, after a number of false alarms in 2007, I am really, truly pregnant. I estimate I'm about 8 weeks along, will see the doc on Friday. So I'd be due towards the end of Sept (but my first child was born a month early). Unfortunately I started a new job in November. I don't qualify for FMLA but my state guarantees 8 weeks of unpaid leave (whoop de doo) after six months of employment, so at least I'm covered there-- BUT I'm on "probation" until I've completed...
It's extremely offensive. ITA with the statement about fathers who work a lot, why are they "raising" their kids but working moms aren't?
Congrats on the job, and good luck!
same here, I cut bits and pieces whenever I can, which is rarely. Prob is he won't really let me comb it in the morning, I try my best but he has massive bedhead all the time.
We're in the early stages of potty learning. For the last week I've been putting DS on the potty first thing in the morning with good success, however, I think he may be too big for his potty or something because most of the time the pee just comes out the front, even though there's a little lip. We also have the baby bjorn seat that fits on the regular toilet which we tried one day and it was also somewhat leaky. What can we do? Should I just teach him to stand up (seems...
If you're unsure of his motives, you can say, well, we'd have to meet at such and such a time because my fiance can only watch our kids at that time.
well, I'd say don't burn your bridges. In the case of the transcription thing not working out, you may be able to take your new financial skills to a better position elsewhere. Additional skills are never going to hold you back. In addition if there are things about the current person's job you don't like, maybe you will able to negotiate to change those things before you accept it. And they will have invested enough in you that they will make those changes in order to...
I'm really glad we're in a big urban area so convenience food when we're out and about means a stop at a taqueria, or au bon pain, or trader joe's or whole foods prepared sandwiches etc. We're an everything in moderation (albeit 90% veg.) kind of family, but McD's just doesn't even come up as an option. That said, when we travel we get egg and cheese biscuits from there, it's yummy once or twice a year.
A friend of mine sets a kitchen timer on top of the tv and her dd knows when it rings, it's done, that's that. We sometimes have trouble with tv, too, it creeps up. I haven't found a total no tear solution, but I have found that when I'm calm and firm ("it's time for dinner, we're eating at the table") there may be a few tears but then he's ready to move on. While I would like to avoid the tears it's his way of expressing sadness, and I want to validate his sad feelings...
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