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DS has been in the same family daycare since he was 3 months old (so for over two years). Starting in March, he will be moving to a more preschool-like environment. It's still in a (very large) house, but there are 27 kids total, 9 in the toddler room--where DS will be till sept. (with three adults), the rest in the preschool (with three adults). I think DS is ready for a bigger environment, with better facilities (running around room inside as well as out), more kids his...
Ha, that reminds me of going to a park once. DS and I were having a snack (on the benches to the side of the play area) and some random little girl ran up to me, grabbed food out of my hand, ran away and ate it. It was very strange. I think we just put away our food after that, DS was done anyway.
okay, first off, does your employer have flex spending for healthcare? or childcare, for that matter? We save a lot on taxes by having so much taken out of dh's paycheck per month pre-tax for childcare and healthcare. so that helps. then, at least, when you're paying deductibles it's tax-free. secondly, I'm sorry your employer sucks. it sounds like you've done the right things in asking for a raise.
I'm an institutional researcher at a small liberal arts college. I LOVE MY JOB! I get to know all the interesting facts and secrets about the school (ie faculty salary, what students say on surveys, etc) and make policy recommendations to the Provost, etc., without actually having to make any policy decisions. I love it. Plus, the benefits are amazing, four weeks vacation, we're closed the week between Xmas and New Year's, snow days!, four-day weeks in the summer, an...
I really think it's better to leave sooner, rather than later. They've hardly invested any time in you at this point, whereas 4 or 6 months or a year down the road, it will be harder for them. You're really doing the right thing on both counts by leaving now.
sorry about your miscarriages. Two does seem a bit much. I totally hear you on the spacing thing. Three years was always my personal ideal. well, that's out of the picture now. Now I'm wondering when I'll quit trying, when I'll decide the spacing is just too wide.
Unfortunately I only bf for five weeks, so that's not any part of my troubles.
Ha, I came here for the same reason. We got pregnant our second try with DS, and I was barely off the pill. Now I've been off about six months, my cycles are all over the place, and AF just started (again). I'm a little older, 33 vs. 29. I guess that's probably part of it. Also it's hard to find time to do the deed! I'm not charting and hoped to avoid it... I have this obsessive streak that I don't want to encourage... but think maybe I need to do it.
DS does this too. I sometimes have to leave the room. I tell him, "Please don't yell at me, it hurts my ears, if you can't tell me quietly what you want I need to leave for a little bit". I come back calm and he is too. Of course sometimes he follows me screaming!!
Am due Sat or Sun, not charting so not sure... though my last cycle was 26 days so technically I could be late right now, I'm planning to test Sun morn. Symptoms are same as those for AF, I got tearful watching Cars with DS, for crying out loud! also STARVING. No cramps, though, and I had those for about a week with DS. Due to our trip to the in laws (no nooky land) it's highly unlikely... but will be obsessing until AF shows.
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