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Thanks for the replies! Right now I've just got up the pics that I have. I need to get a card reader, then I plan to build a light box and take some really awesome pictures of my things. I know what needs to be done in my shop. At this point it's just a matter of having the materials to carry it out. I just mostly wanted to network and connect with other moms on Etsy.
Hi! I just started a shop. Can you mamas link me to stuff that helped you get off the ground? If I can keep up with this thread I'll surely try.
We love ChaChos on Perrin Beitel because of the yummy food and indoor playspace. If you're vegetarian, Green is a yummy veggie place on N Flores. Six Flags is having Frightfest, I think SeaWorld is doing sometihng similar.
Wow. I think I have the most plush lactation room on earth. I work at a spa.. So I sit in a fluffy chair, read books on Feng Shui, listen to the soothing music, and gaze upon the little fountain fed stream outside while birds and dragonflies sip from it. There is a little "Shhhhh...." pillow that hangs from the doorknob that anyone uses on their room while in session. I just borrow it for the few minutes I'm in there.
Quote: Originally Posted by llp34 How old is your baby ? For a young baby who nurses full-time, or an older baby who nurses a lot during the day, you will need to pump at least every three hours, and some moms pump every two hours. Perhaps less often for an older baby who eats solids and may nurse less during the day. To avoid mastitis at first you will need to pump often enough to keep your milk from building up. You can decrease the amount and...
Thank you so much. I just want to cry reading your responses. I did put up an Ad on Craigslist. I've got a bunch of responses sitting in my Inbox right now. I plan to write a questionaire and send it to each one. What kinds of questions should I ask? I'll definitley look into the refrences. I'll check SitterCity.com for sure. Thank you both so much.
I got a job. My DH has been out of work since August and it has come to a point of get a job or move out of our apartment. It has not been for lack of trying. DH has interviewed at a dozen places and must have turned in a hundred applications. We both have work now and we are both going to keep working to dig ourselves out from under the mountain of bills and dues that we owe. Right now we're out of money, have very little food and gas, and I don't get paid until the...
We spend a good bit on food. More than when I was a meat eater.. But I'm not living on Hamburger Helper and Ramen anymore, either.
Quote: Originally Posted by peacelovingmama I think I read that the proposed MA law would mandate education (parenting classes as opposed to prison) for violators. But now I can't seem to find where I read that. If anyone knows, I'd be curious to see how the law is drafted. Either way, I wholeheartedly support a ban on hitting kids. ETA: Although Sweden's law originally mandated classes or counseling, I'm pretty sure that parents can face prison...
I'm lucky. Please don't hate me, but with DS I only gained 17lbs total.. So far I'm only up 10lbs. I'm already heavy set, but I maintain my weight while pregnant. I don't gain much at all. I thank my lucky stars. I attribute it to eating Vegetarian. I do plan on losing 40-50lbs after the baby comes. I'll be breastfeeding, of course, but I'm also going to do just eat lots of raw healthy food. I'll probably be close to vegan, cutting out all fatty dairy and eggs, and all...
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