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Flapjack, I'm a bit stumped.. in the kitchen... for kids. How do you cook healthy food so it is appealing to these little buggers? Got any recipe ideas?
Destiny, Do you put ice in the smoothies? I'm going to try this... but maybe some of the problem is my cooking. Would you mind telling me exactly what you put in your smoothies???
Try this link. It should list the ingredients: https://www.juiceplus.com/road/page3...egetables.html
Can you post that link again? I can't seem to find it now
I'll have to try that!
So, my 6 year old and 9 year old could get it for free? I didn't see anything about that at the website. What do I have to do to do that? The Juice Plus looks really good, being actual fruits and vegetables. What do you think about the Juice Plus Gummies? Which ones do your kids take?
I've never been down to Durango. I'm saving that web site. I'll have to discuss it with my husband. His blood pressure has been higher than it should be. I'd like to check into it for him, too, but it seems a bit expensive.
Thanks I appreciate the encouragement. Some of my friends think I'm a little crazy at this point.
When we were dating he didn't have the kids!! His folks were helping him out because he lost his first wife to breast cancer. They are still pretty much a family in crisis. We're dealing with a lot of issues, it seems. I just thought that if I could improve their nutrition somewhat, it would help to lay a better foundation for coping with a lot of the other stuff.
So, they are the actual fruits and veggies? MOMBIRTHMOMSTEPMOM, we've been married 2 months. dated for 8 months. Things are moving really fast. Grandma and Grandpa live in Omaha, we're in the Denver area. My husband is a great guy, works a lot. Helps at home as much as he can, but I'm with the kids most of the time. four corners, You're in Colorado??
New Posts  All Forums: