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Hello kama, i am thinking im pregnant and we are going to test on friday, but i would like to know if maybe i am. could you please let me know if i am?? i would be greatful thansk
what was with last night. that made me mad. i was so looking forward to the show
First off i am that friend.................Second yes i did ask for all that back(the material, rings and ten of the thirty dollars) but then we came to the agreement that she would send me the material(three out of the four) and rings back. She had already spent the whole 30 bucks that i gave her before she had even gotten the rings in the mail after ordering them. Which she still has not gotten(last thign she told me was on friday that she had not gotten them) so she...
is it going to start up again this week?? im geting depressed my show isnt on, ive been watching season one all over again.
Ok i just recieved an envelope in the mail today from someone in Livermore, CA. And when i got it, it was empty : . I would like to know if any mama that was sending me anything that had to do with diapering, will please let me know, cuz the post office is willing to give me the money that it was worth to go but another one. I think it was a snappi or pins. But not sure. Please let me know. Thank you.
oh man i know exactly how you feel. We use to do taht all the tim enad then i finally learn how to budget our money and now i am the bill and money organnizer. But yeah i dont know if you budget it or not, but i really thought it helped us out alot. Just a sugggestion.
Who is edie again???
can some tell me what happened between bettys son and brees daughter, i missed the fisrt ten min of the show last night and i think thats what it was about. But other than that i loved the show last n ight.
as soon as i am done having my DC i want them just back up where they were. i dotn want saggy boobs
Quote: Originally Posted by BookGoddess Count me among those who don't get a refund. It's really an interest-free loan to the government of your money. I would rather not get one. I'm surprised when co-workers get excited by their big refunds. They think of it as an early Christmas gift from the government. Hellooo! That money should have been yours to spend throughout the year. so if it was your money to spend thru out the year then...
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