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I posted in the Lounge already but I thought I would also put something out here where everybody could see.  My little Gibson Allen was born on Monday.  He's my 4th baby and 3rd unassisted birth.  It was a complete success.  Labor lasted 3 hours and my best friend, a photographer came in to photograph and help with the birth.  She told me afterwards it completely changed her views on everything about having babies.  Such a great compliment.  He weighed 6 lb 8 oz, 19...
And sorry, I'm being a serial poster.  As for the placenta, I've dug a hole in the ground and planted a tree over it for every baby I've birthed.  Born in winter?  No problem, freezers work great for that, just don't let any friends or family mistake it for a thick piece of sirloin. Meg
Almi, that is too funny about the dumpster diver!  Hahaha!  Meg
How exciting, I'm also due mid-October planning a UC.  And I'm going to say, YES!  you can catch your own baby!!!  And it's the greatest feeling in the world and I can't wait to hear what that guy says when you do.  Best wishes and I hope to read more of your posts throughout the months.  Meg
I used superglue for my superficial tears.  Thank goodness no muscle was affected.  I've also heard of great success just holding your legs together for a week or so, which isn't so hard after having a baby.  It's not like you want to be up riding bicycles or anything.  I highly recommend oils and massage.  I had a friend who used the mederma stretchmark cream for massage and stretching and it worked great.  And of course, remember that positive thoughts and actions also...
I'm 30, but, will be 31 when this kiddo comes. Poor hubs will be 40. Holy moly.
Due February 23 with #3. Only thing that slightly worries me is that my last child was born 8 years ago and I've forgotten a lot. Meg
I just barely crawled out of bed. Coffee is brewing right now and I have so much laundry to do. Not to mention I found out last night that I am unexpectedly pregnant with number 3 and so of course the morning sickness decided it should start today. Great. Here's hoping the laundry gets done. If one thing, let it be laundry. Ugh. Meg
Do it, do it, Do It! Your nose is adorable. That girl was just insanely jealous at how gorgeous you are. Warning tho. Keep it very clean the first few days. I got mine pierced when I had a cold. Baaaad idea. But now everybody just loves it. Do it! Meg
:yawning: Morning. Ok that's better. Have you thought of making your products available off a website and then directing family and friends and anybody else to it? I knew somebody who sold Pampered Chef and you could order from her anytime off her website. I worked so much at the time so I was never able to make any of the parties. Oh my gosh look at that pile of laundry. Nooooo. No more laundry. I've had enough! Meg
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