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Hi!  I wanted to let you know about a giveaway going on for 2 Moby Wraps and 1 New Native Carrier.  Here is the link Good luck!
We like the 2 piece set up. We not only use the winter jackets separately, but we also like to use the snow pants without the jacket on those warm snowy spring days....
I agree with most of the posts already. My dd got hers pierced when she was 6 and is able to change her own earrings and be responsible for them. I think 6 or older is a great age if they are really wanting it. Earrings on a 3 year old are cute, but I wouldn't want the added responsibility of cleaning them and changing them or worrying about them getting infected, etc. Just seems like a headache to me...no need to add extra worry and work!
It is good that he is going every day! My oldest had constipation when she was a toddler and a few times it got so bad that we had to give her over the counter medicine. My Naturopath finally decided that it was stress...because it would only happen at stressful times in her life. Anyway, this really has nothing to do with your situation, but perhaps you could look at eliminating certain foods in his diet to see if it helps. Or introducing other foods...my friend...
Awesome...we look forward to having you join the group when you get here!!
I have been using sponges made with natural fibers...I think it is part agave plant, some recycled paper..not sure what else..but they are great and I can get them at our grocery store.
Both my girls have Waldorf Dolls and we paid about $50.00 for each...found a woman on Etsy who makes them so we were able to spend less than the $100.00 I was expecting...so I would try to find them at a lower price. That being said, my girls drag their dolls around and they have gotten dirty, but are holding up great!
We have the Little Colorado play stands as well and we use it with the canopy. I just have it as their main/only play area downstairs and put all their toys in/under it. I think if you are having space issues you could use the playstands separately and just forgo the canopy...but that really is the best part
Happy Birthday!! I would suggest play silks for a great 1st bday gift! Or maybe a sweet handmade doll, some block crayons, natural building blocks...of if you are looking for something larger a wooden play kitchen is always nice!
Hey Gunnison/Crested Butte Mamas! My family is taking a trip to CB next week and we are so excited! Anything we need to check out? I have 2 daughters, 3 and 6, and a 6 month old puppy. Thanks for any info!!
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