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Quote: i typically believe that "i can learn from everything" which doesn't necessarily mean that it "happens for a reason" but that regardless of reasons, I can learn something about myself, the cosmos, the world around me, others, etc, through whatever i'm experiencing. So, when I'm feeling down about something, i ask myself "what can i learn from this experience?" by changing the focus to what my learning process is, i move away from the upset and toward...
I read Watch for the Light each Advent, and I just started Grace (Eventually) by Anne Lammott, one of my favorite Christian authors. I recommend anything by her!
I like them both! We have subscribed to Ode for a while, though I think we've expired b/c we haven't gotten one in a long time. I have enjoyed them, but I've also been impressed with the Yes issues I've seen. I like the international flavor of Ode.
I read excerpts from this in college, but that was too long ago for me to be a helpful discussion partner! I do remember her being incredibly provocitive and profound, though. Happy reading!
I just wanted to post a link to an article that I thought added good ideas to the conversation surrounding this film and trilogy. Leave it to the Christian Science Monitor to be thought provoking!
Quote: Originally Posted by fluttermama I do wonder, however, how many children who read early are exposed to TV programs that are deemed "educational." I also wonder how many children who "read on their own" are actually being exposed all over the place to media, alphabet books, alphabet toys, battery toys...and are not getting the imaginative outdoor play for 6+ hours a day outside. That's not directed to anyone here, that's just a thought b/c there...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna Probably subject for another thread but lately I'm having a hard time with the concept that God would need to send someone as a human sacrifice, especially his son, to save the world from sin. I mean the concept that killing someone is somehow a sacrificial act is just I'm Protestant, but I find this idea that God HAD to have this perfect human sacrifice as the ONLY way to atone for human sin everywhere in...
Quote: Originally Posted by AngelBee It is just so frustrating. I guess I feel like I find truth in so many places, but not all the truths in just one place. If that makes sense. Right there with you sister! :
Another Elves and Angels fan here! Ours gets played with EVERY SINGLE DAY! I think a good kitchen is well worth the investment. We were able to get ours with the $$ help of extended family--it was dd's main present last Christmas. I have a friend who is a carpenter, and he made a kitchen for his dd after seeing ours. He said that after materials and time, he thought the price we paid through Nova Natural was a good deal! A handmade piece of furniture takes a lot of...
Can anyone point me to articles or websites that discuss this from an angle other than "an OB is essential" angle? (I googled and only came up with pro-medical model sites.) I'm looking for a balanced perspective to share with my smart but fairly mainstream sister. She's not ready for Ina May Gaskin or something like that. TIA!
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