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anothermama...I saw them for free in september the last two years...michael throws a 911 festival each year which is free in golden gate park...I love this band sooo much and highly encourage everyone to check them out and support them... twinkletoes...thats a cool story about them coming into your restaurant...I have always wanted to hear the disposable heros of hipoprasy but can't find it anywhere...what does it sound like?
My favorite band is Michael Franti and Spearhead...very uplifting feel-good music...you can go the their website, spearheadvibrations, and download free music or just listen to it to see if you like. I also love Erykah Badu...do you like reggae? A lot of reggae music is uplifting.
Thanks...I love news that makes me happy instead of sad.
I don't want to do santa...I still don't know if we will though...I am feeling very indesicive about it...dd is almost 4 and hasn't asked about santa yet...we went to the mall and she didn't even want to walk by him.
You are not alone...I have to get up also and my dd is almost 4.
Awesome post oatmeal...I am really enjoying the passion of this thread...I found no offense but I do not offend easily...I love the fact that it offends so many people and makes them uncomfortable...I think PETA is doing a marvelous job and I hope they keep up the good work.
My dd is almost 4 and does the same thing...that one about people hugging in the olden days made me laugh.
I love Erykah Badu...she homeschools her son and they are both vegans...she takes him with her everywhere...on tour.... to photo shoots...and she is close to his dad even though they are not together. I don't know if she homebirthed or used cloth diapers though...
I don't wear thongs...I usually don't wear any panties but that special time of the month...I don't think theres anything wrong with pregnant or any other type of woman wearing them...
I am wearing mine right now...they are the non-leather ones...I have this fetish with non-leather shoes...Birkenstock is a very good company...they treat their employees really good...they recycle everything and of course their shoes last forever since you can resole/recork them...
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