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Hi there, I am mom to three, it has been literally three or four years since I have been on Mothering, but I remember how helpful this place was with my last move!  We relocated from the suburbs of Seattle WA.  My eldest daughter 8 is on the autism spectrum but very brilliant, my middle child violet 6 is just amazing and I have a 3 year old super climber named Eli.  We had enrolled our girls at The New School Montessori Center in Holly Springs, but they have not been...
Dahlia that would be great. My meetings are in the Wedgewood area. I think these parents would really benefit from the information. Let me know if she might be willing and I will take it from there.
I just went back to work after 5 years and a couple months at home. I work from about 24-40 hours a week. It is an awesome job and I love it, but at the same time our schedule has become awful. I need to work right now though, we made some bad decisions and are victims of the housing crisis. The problem is I make too much money to stay at home, but I am completely stressed out when I am with my kids these days. I would love to stay home again, and would do it in a...
Hi guys, I am currently leading a new parents group and looking for a guest speaker or two, if you know anyone who does infant massage I think that would go over particularly well with the group. SO anyone local to northish seattle?
Quote: Originally Posted by justKate Hi all! I'm not sure if I've posted here before or not. I'm a prosecutor (misdemeanor and juvenile) in Florida, but am moving to Texas next month. I'm not planning to take the Bar Exam there because we'll only be there for two years (Huz is getting an MBA), but will be looking for a non-lawyer job that won't kill my career. Whatever that might look like. I haven't read the entire thread, but wanted to say hi and...
NO you are not the worst mother ever! If you are I suppose I am to. I just went back to work after a 5 year stint staying home, I work anywhere from 20-40 hours a week as a contract attorney. I have to say I am loving it. I am in house at a small financial company. They are planning to hire me after my contract is up in July. The hours are awesome, 7-4 most days. It helps that we are on the Pacific Coast and they work with people across the country, so our office...
Vitamin D helps with light deficiency. I would say if you can't shake it off in a few days it is time for medication. I think I had a much harder time bonding with my second daughter in her time in Utero, I was too sick and way too busy. After she was born no problem though! I did go on zoloft about 12 weeks prior to my delivery because I tend to be depressed. Totally staved off PPD.
I have alarms on all my doors so if someone opens one I hear a loud BONG. It is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I am so sorry this happened to you. Now you know you have a wonderer, definately put a chain up high or something.
We did the bob books as well, also there were some dora and backyardigans phonics books that my daughter really liked. We also love starfall.com
Why is your husband against AS 1? Just curious that is my second choice.
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