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Hi!  Are your prefolds still available?  TIA!
I have one small Aristocrat Wool diaper cover.  It is brand new and still in the packaging.  I have switched over to pockets and no longer need it for the new baby.  I am selling it for $20 postage paid.  Let me know if you are interested.  I can get you a picture if you need one, but it is in perfect shape as it has never been out of the plastic. Thanks!   jessica
I'm just looking for opinions.  I know it's not going to be ideal no matter how we arrange it b/c it will be crowded, but I thought I could do my best :o)  We just purchased some radians and we're going to play around with the seats to see how we want it.  Little one is due in Jan and we've also got two boys (ages 6 and 2.5).   Would you put the infant in the middle to seperate the older boys and keep them from fighting?   Would you not feel comfortable putting a...
at about 18 months or so it always seems to get to be too much for me and it's time for Daddy to take over night-time stuff.  They always immediately sleep better when it's Dad.  There might be some tears shed, but it's still Daddy, you know?  Is he up for doing night-time every night by any chance?  It might be better if it just becomes the routine.  Daddy does the putting to bed and that is how it is.  I doubt it would take more than a week or two of straight Dad...
due Jan 6th- going to be surprised :)
21 weeks and up about 15 lbs....I knew I shouldn't have started eating carbs again....lol  Seriously though, this is my 3rd preg and I've always gained at least 40 lbs (or was it 60). 
Hi!  Need a little help on what might be the best thing to buy here.    Here's the situation:  New baby due soon and 3 kiddos will be all in the back seat of our mid-sized car.  I am anticipating some fighting back there and some yelling, not to mention baby crying :o(   I was thinking if the two older boys (5 and 2) could listen to stories through headphones it might cut down on some of the fighting and maybe also help them when the baby is crying (because I...
Hi!   We may be moving right smack in the middle of all these towns to George, WA.  I need to find a homebirth midwife from this area who would drive to George, WA.  I'm having trouble finding anyone even in Ellensburg or Wenatchee so it's starting to worry me.  Does anyone know of a homebirth midwife that services this area?   Thanks! jessica
Thanks, Lisanna.  That is helpful!  We were able to drive around a little bit....it's such a tough decision!
I just wanted to add that halfway through my first pregnancy my pelvis went out of allignment.  I didn't know it at the time and didn't discover it until my son was almost two.  I went to see a woman's physical therapist that was recommended here to me at MDC and she knew immediately what the problem was.  After two or three appointments she had realligned my pelvis and I could tell immediately that she had fixed it.  I don't know if this could be a problem for you, but...
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