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I'm in Muncie with children a variety of ages. A new breast feeding support group just started that meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday afternoons...ibclc facilitated, weight checks offered but pretty laid back and another way to connect with other nursing moms.
That is a great idea! I will work on that too. I am just trying to reach more people because it seems like more people get on Facebook than respond to any threads or calls for information here, (I have been plugging MDC on FB when moms ask for information about vaccination decisions, circumcision or intact discussions and information, homebirth or waterbirth, etc.) so I do know moms come here seeking balanced information and support. I think MDC is a great resource. I...
Thank you! I have also created a Facebook private group for any mothers in the Muncie, IN. area who would like to connect and share support and local resources. Please PM if you would like more information on this budding group. I have found that in my current location this is a great way to build a thriving mothering tribe <3  
Hi - our family will be relocating to the Muncie, IN area in about a month and I would love to connect with some other mothering mamas. Specifically I am looking for active LLL or other playtimes, mothering meetups, homeschool connections, etc. as well as connecting with any Doulas, MW's or placenta encapsulation specialists.   Send me a message if you have any leads please =)
Bump. Moving to Muncie and will be seeking a new family health provider too. Any updates here?  
Has anyone PM'd you?   I used to live in Muncie but have spent most of the past 10 years elsewhere. Anyways, I am a Doula familiar with the Muncie birth scene somewhat, but I am actually moving back to Muncie in about a month. I can send you a few referrals if no one has connected with you yet.  
I never thought about using chia but that sounds like something I will be trying. Thanks for the ideas
Ah, okay. I was confused.  
Are you talking about borderline personality disorder or bipolar disorder?
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