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I'm curious if your sticky chicken is similar to mine!  Actually, it's not my recipe, it's been on the internet for as long as I can remember.  Make a spice rub out of paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and other things, and roast the seasoned chicken in the oven at 250F for 5 hours?
Hmm.  Using it in muffins or butternut squash bread could work.  It's probably perfect for butternut squash soup, but the kids aren't fans of that.  I'll give the muffin thing a try, especially since those would go well in lunchboxes.
Tonight's dinner: chili dogs and sauteed zucchini.  Not the best dinner ever, but I'm tired.
Seeing the question about frozen cubed butternut squash reminded me that I have several packages of Cascadian Farms butternut squash puree in the freezer.  What can I do with this?  I originally intended to serve it like a mashed vegetable of the side, but it's too runny for that, so they've been sitting in there for months.
I haven't caught it yet... hoping to find it online and watch it soon!   Have any of you tried juicing MJ?  Apparently in its unheated form, the THC is actually THCA and not psychoactive, but still has a lot of the health benefits (plenty of CBDA, Delta-9, etc.).  I currently get a raw juice from my local dispensary (juiced MJ mixed with juiced fruit and veggies), but am considering growing and juicing my own.  Just wondering if anyone else uses this form.
What I need is for someone to come to my house, look through my pantry, and make meal plans for me.   I get into ruts and feel awfully uncreative at times.  I've also got a lot of stuff that I don't want us to eat anymore, but I also don't want to throw food away, so I get stumped.  Still... I need to do this.  I want to eat down our freezer so I can defrost it and to eat down our pantry so I can restock it with good stuff.
Don't feel bad, we had Little Caesar's pizza.  We had a coupon.  
Homemade beef barley soup (using unhulled barley -- not the pearled kind) and salad (lettuce, carrots, radishes, shaved fennel, shaved turnips)
I really like the article "10 Ways to Forage in a Fast Food Nation" on the Mark's Daily Apple website for the primal fast food suggestions. There may be some hidden vegetable oils or soy sauce in some of his suggestions, but they aren't too bad. If you can find a Chipotle where you're going, they have a burrito bowl or a salad that you can get without the beans, tortilla chips, or rice. Skip the cheese and sour cream if you're avoiding dairy and add guacamole. Skip the...
In my TF recipe for beef barley soup, it says to roast the barley in the oven and then soak it for 7+ hours. Wouldn't it be better to soak it without the roasting? I can't see how roasted barley will sprout.
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