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Oh, RaraAvis, I'm so sorry to hear that. It is really so sad and surreal, and it's hard to wrap your head around the idea. Take good care of yourself, your body is going through a lot right now. I'd encourage you to visit the pregnancy loss board, it was such a help to me. - mb
Oh, Belle, I'm so sorry to hear this. It's always just so sad to give up on that hope. Wishing you peace and healing. Take care of yourself. - mb
Oh, my, I hadn't even thought of that. I'm not telling anyone yet and trying to avoid it for a while, but we are also expecting #3 after two girls, and I hadn't thought of that -- but of course I have to be prepared to get asked that a lot! In addition to lots of comments not about how old I am but about how far apart my kids all are. I get it, it's different. OK. I have to start practicing my Mona Lisa smile and enigmatic remarks.I guess I also feel more relaxed and...
Oh, Belle, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience at the doctor's. It doesn't sound like he was very empathetic or informative. It sounds like from your dates that an ultrasound would have showed something further along by now. Along with the cramping and bleeding, one possibility is that you had the beginnings of a pregnancy that didn't develop... unfortunately that would explain the positive test, because our hormones start to go up, and even keep rising a little,...
fishywishy, I think you are really on the right track here. You have an idea of how you hope this third birth can go, and you are thinking that some extra labor support could help you feel more supported. I actually think that's a great use of a doula. Very true that a doula doesn't do advocating or "speaking up" for you, and you are totally right that the time to have the talk with your doc about your hopes for the birth is now, way before you're in labor. It's great when...
Hi Becca! We have definitely been around MDC together before. Looks like we are even equally old-timers on MDC - 2002! I love your MWs perspective. I tend to feel the same way... Only I know because of work stress & schedule that my life these days doesn't contain things like yoga, swimming, & even just relaxing, lol, all of which I used to do. So I know I'll have a different experience physically. I also have a far more cautious feeling about potential loss. When I had...
ocelot, your first is nearly as old as mine! It's funny to be considered on the mature side when it comes to babies at least. NaturalMama I just turned 39 last month! Hopefully the midwife treats you well tomorrow.
Of course! Somehow even 35 gets considered "AMA" in medical eyes, lol. I have been pg in 20s and in my 30s, and somethings are the same but some things are.... not. :LOL Like my tummy never bouncing back or just getting winded even though I am 5 weeks and that's ridiculous! Also I am just bracing myself for people being judgy, but, oh well. Let them.
I know there are quite a few of us here, and while I'm just barely getting used to the idea that we are doing this again as I'm approaching 40, I need someone to talk to about it! Mostly this is an excuse for me to mention to someone that I called the Birth Center today to make an appt for 8 weeks, and in a 3 minute conversation the reception managed to work in twice the phrase "due to your age..." Lol. How are the rest of you doing?
Planned to have baby #3 several years ago, but after a m/c it didn't work out. Then dh & I have been separated for most of the year and just reconciled last month only to find ourselves with... a very big surprise! Yikes! My children will be 12 and 6 next year, so this all feels a little crazy. I'm working myself from shocked into grateful after the bfp a few days ago. I know I will land on fully grateful very soon!
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