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I'm curious how your husband plans to handle his mother.  The son ER MD/mom OB RN sounds like a very curious combination (who trumps who?).  I would think that he would be the first person to inform and then handle the fallout from his mom.    I'm afraid that you'll have to deal with a certain amount of dismissiveness from MIL no matter what;  I work in the medical field and there is a deeply entrenched disrespect of any kind of alternative approach to medicine,...
Meee tooooo!!!  That right there is why I cropped my hair short as a teen and took about 15 years to grow it out again!   
Spraying water and a little finger combing can help.  What really helps with my messy-in-the-morning curly hair is using a silk scarf as a pillow case (took one of the kids' old silk playscarfs and just knotted it over the pillow).  It cuts down tremendously on fuzzy hair and snarls.  Don't know why but it does- it works for my friend whose hair is even more prone to tangling too.    Oyin Handmade makes awesome product for curly hair. 
Ever since I read a similar thread a couple years ago I've been using Oyin Funk Butter.  I think it's similar to the coconut and baking soda recipes other people mentioned but I find that I just LOVE the Black Cedar and Fig scented one.  I work 12 hr shifts and smell as fresh at the end as I did at the beginning.  Never embarrassed to stretch my arm across a patient's face, either.  :)    THeir Honey Hemp hair conditioner is the bomb, too. 
Everything that laohaire said, plus you might consider trying to replace that rubber gasket around the door before you invest in a whole new washing machine. That might take care of the perma-nast smell. Also- the front loader I have has a trap that needs to be cleaned out once in a while. It interferes with the drainage of the machine when it gets stuff stuck in it (found a silver necklace I had lost in there once!) and that could contribute to the less-than-clean...
Oops- Sorry Madimamacita!~ I'm running on too little sleep and didn't see your PP!
You could also try a lower-tech version of a similar treasure hunting game: letterboxing. See www.atlasquest.com for more info - instead of trading trinkets you leave an image of a personal "trail stamp" in the cache's logbook and take away an impression of the cache's personal stamp. People generally publish directions, clues or puzzles to find the caches rather than requiring a GPS.
Something that wasn't released or sold in the United States perhaps? I do like the little garlic sash!
Maybe you could get him a book on letting go of childhood abuse. (Snarky! Sorry!) But I agree- asking for a gift visa is blatantly tasteless. Maybe you and your dd could go scatter wildflower seeds somewhere after the service in her memory?
http://www.medbd.ca.gov/consumer/complaint_info.html This is the medical board for the state of California, which grants that Dr. the license to practice in that state. Giving reviews on ratings websites won't change this doctor's behavior but an investigation from the state board might. Poor Jake- I hope this whole episode becomes a fuzzy memory for him soon.
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