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Hello all,    I am in Decatur, near East Lake, and I am searching for childcare for my 4 year old son from about 12 or 1pm - 3 or 4pm.  This is the first time we are hiring a childcare provider.  Do you have any recommendations of good places to look for caregivers?  What are reputable websites?  Is anyone on this board interested?  I would be open to him being with another mom and children...   Thanks,  Jessy
Thank you, you have been very helpful!
Thank you very much for your reply.   One question I have:    Now that my cycle is off, how can I predict for ovulation?   We are trying to avoid pregnancy.   I am very confused about where I am in the cycle now.....Do we need to have protected sex until my period and I can then reset?   Am I right that a pregnancy should have showed up on pregnancy tests by Day 39?
Hello, I am very confused.   My cycles have been very regular 33-35 days long.  I usually ovulate on Day 18-21.  I know ovulation day because of sharp pain on one side.   This month the first day of last period was May 6.  I never experienced my characteristic ovulation pain although I did have fertile-quality cervical fluid.   We did not have have unprotected sex as normal from Day 10-Day 25.  Used condoms during that time.   It is now Day 39.  I have...
Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! This is so helpful! I am looking forward to looking at each of those links.......we have 6 days actually, looking forward to eating some GREAT food (my favorite thing to do)!
We have a 5 day trip ahead to San Diego.....Any recommendations for great restaurants that are fresh, healthy and have vegetarian/vegan options?   Also, great health food store recs would be appreciated as well.......   Thanks so much!    
thanks! that's very helpful.......
thank you for your responses---i appreciate it very, very much!   i actually do know all of that info that is on the cps website......   i was just looking for inside info....   ideally, i could visit the schools myself and get my own sense, but we live in GA that may not be possible at this time.   Just wanting a sense of personal experiences with cambridge elementary, other people's sense and assessment when they visited....i am sure there must be a lot...
right, but you still have to put your top 3 preferences down and just wanted to hear more about the schools as i can't visit myself.............
may be moving to cambridge, specifically to harvard sq.   does anyone have info on good public elementary schools in cambridge?   thanks, j
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