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just checking again? any recommendations for pediatricians, homeopaths, naturopaths in the decatur area? thanks!
Not so happy with our current pediatrician, although she prescribes homeopathic and herbal remedies she is fairly difficult to get a hold of.... We don't need one all the time, my dd has seen her ped. twice in 3 years...but i would like a practitioner i can call on. currenttly, my 2 month old has a cough and sneezing and congestion and i would like to either call someone and get some tips on what to do or be able to bring him in and get an opinion. please let me...
if you can go to a chiropractor... mine moved from being posterior in one adjustment... you can call lotus of life chiropractic in decatur georgia to get a recommendation in utah.....
my water broke on may 10, and did not have baby until may 16 drank lots of water, checked to make sure i did not have a temp, took vitamin c...... erratic contractions all week until may 16, then an easy, comfortable homebirth with healthy baby and me.... all can go well even when water breaks and no labor at first.... good luck!
i have posted this conversation before but it still floors me: MIL (pointing for my benefit)- "The vegetarian fish is over there, and the non-vegetarian fish is here." The vegetarian fish was not stuffed with crab.
well with regard to race-- one reason we decided against waldorf was that it was almost all-white, even though our city is very diverse ethnically. also, we were shown samples of older students' work, and one prospective parent asked why all the books the students' made were on aspects of European history. The admissions director pulled out a book entitled, "Africa" as proof that other histories were studied. This is not just a Waldorf problem, it is present in...
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
saw all the good ideas for vegan pizza toppings... anyone have a good pizza crust recipe? i would prefer whole wheat and no sugar, but i can make the adjustments myself if anyone had a good recipe... thanks!
yes, i am very interested in your pizza crust recipe! please post it when you have a minute...thanks!!!!
anyone have a good pizza crust recipe? those toppings sound delicious and i am ready to make at home, we are paying $6-$9 for frozen cheeseless pizza!
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