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when it's time to leave the park, either i pick her up or my husband and we try to catch the other all the way to the car, she manages to tag us just as she lands it the car seat....giggles the whole way
just wanted to let you know that that happened with us and it passed...she is almost 2.5 and has started eating by herself again... i just fed her when i could, and let her feed herself when not (even when that meant she didn't eat very much) i figured she would eat if she was hungry.... it did pass, though
"watermelon" (her favorite food)
yes, inappropriate... and not just because there was an indian student in the room... simpons character is a well-known offensive stereotype, and i would have walked out as well... maybe find the student, apologize to him, AND apologize to the class--while it may feel vulnerable, it would win you respect to have that much integrity and courage
http://www.hapalife.com/joomla/index...tpage&Itemid=1 here is one resource, i don't know if it is good, but just to get you started, j
yes, i would be concerned...i think it is normal in this culture, where beauty standards and what is good/desirable is so rigidly defined, and so correlated with race... i would make sure she has a lot that reflects her that is positive---so making sure there are bi-racial asian people in her life, asian people in her life, asian dolls, posters, magazines, stuff that reflects back to her that what she is is beautiful, worthy, cool, perfect as she is...(there are groups...
brown rice, brown basmati rice, jasmine, black forbidden, red bhutanese---i like brown basmati
you can try some recipes made from nuts.... look up almond milk ice cream recipes, or cashew milk, or hazelnut, pine nut , etc.... it's usually soak the nuts, blend with fruit and/or agave syrup, and vaniilla or cinnamon or cocoa, or whatever flavor you want... then put in ice cream maker.... or you can blend frozen banana with almond milk and vanilla in the blender
i make "cookies" out of mashed banana, whole wheat flour, baking soda, vanilla, and a little olive oil my two year likes them....
do you all use the canned coconut milk--is there another option? how do you make coconut milk from the coconut?
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