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i really love that cookbook---i got it when i first started cooking and i chose recipes that weren't that hard....some my family love are: french lentil soup paella pasta with shiitakes, tomato, basil the DATE COFFEE CAKE!!!! the masala root soup the potato salad minestrone soup seitan pot pie (i used a store-bought whole wheat crust) i guess i made a lot of the soups--maybe that's why it was easier for me!
hello, my baby had an irregular heartbeat when i went to the hospital for monitoring after bleeding at 32 weeks... she was born with the irregular heartbeat.... it was gone by three weeks, and now at 2 years old she is fine... The nurses at the hospital told me it is likely that is goes away... after she was born, my husband and i slept with her on our chests a lot and tried to imagine that our heartbeats were regulating hers.... much love....it is scary,...
i would like to know, too....
i like your green smoothie idea....if you wanted to add more foods for variety, you could add fresh fruit and salads (unblended) I think you may be able to keep the weight off...i did 30 days raw, and lost about 30 pounds, last year, and I have kept it off, even though i eat "regular" now (mostly vegan, no dairy, minimal sugar, etc) good luck!!!!!!!
My husband and I each did one and spent the whole day on it--and more...it was awesome, i am so excited!
i see what you are saying, garden of noise.... it's not really important on govt forms, but practically, in everyday life, in this society that has had such a tragic and horrific history of race, that she will be seen as black and not as white.... i think then it is sometimes easier for a person of color to identify as such, and not as white, because that identity helps with how we experience life in the US.... i understand that we can have diff perspectives on...
baby girl will be 2 in may and lately is bean crazy... todays its black eyed peas and brown rice... (we do big meals for lunch, and then just fruit, green smoothies, crackers and hummus, etc for dinner) j
hello-- it did hypnobabies---it was a little less expensive...170$ or so,... i loved it! the techniques are great not only for labor, but your whole pregnancy-- and i did not exp pain while giving birth (no drugs), just some discomfort at first, so that was GREAT!
she is black, and will probably be treated that way in the US she is definitely not white. i would put black---or if you are really uncomfortable about that, you could put biracial
i would recommend finding a midwife/doctor/pregnancy support person who is supportive of you being vegan.... i was vegan at conception and until 36 weeks or so, but it was awful havinga midwife who told me every visit i would become anemic, all her vegan/veg clients became anemic, etc... words are very powerful, esp when you are a little scared cause it's a first pregnancy.......
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