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Husband and I have talked about this a lot.   We would:    Pay all debt for myself and husband. Pay rent for one year, so we don't have to worry about that while we are getting other things done. Meet with a lawyer and financial advisor.  Set up trust accounts for our kids and nieces and nephews. They can have 10% when they are 18, 10% when they are 25, 50% when they are 40, balance when they are 60. They are not to know the accounts have been set...
I have a family of four. Here is my laundry system. Maybe it will help others.   My boys, ages 9 and 6, each have their own laundry basket in their room, and they have separate days to do their laundry. 9yo is done on Fridays, 6yo is done on Tuesdays. Their whole basket (except for towels and random toys) gets dumped into the washer. When their load is dry, it gets put back in their basket, and they are to fold it the day it's done. 9yo does his own laundry, just...
It could be that the foreskin is separating from the head of the penis. Maybe you could try some extended bath time, just letting him play in the water a bit. Can you ask him to pull back his foreskin so you could see? And maybe he could do that while he's in the water. If he's doing it himself, he will know when to stop. 
YES! Thank you!!! :)
Does anyone have this link handy? I can't find it.    It's things that Mom's should read, about why Dad's tend to insist on circ'ing, even though they know it's the wrong thing to do.   Thanks!!
I have one, but I'm in Sacramento. :(
  This. Put the burden of proof why the child needs to be circ'd on him. And have documentation ready when he brings those reasons to you.
This is normal. And crazy. All socks cover a wide range of sizes until you get to size 13 (my husband wears those ones).    I'm sorry I don't have any advice on where to get socks. Just know we are all in the same boat. 
  I have never used any sort of special oils/creams/lotions/potions/etc on either one of my boys' penii. As infants, I would wash their whole body, running the soap/rag over their penis just like I did their butt. As children, I taught them to run the soap/rag over their whole body. I have talked about them retracting and rinsing with water (no soap, ever), and how they will need to do that when they are older and able to retract themselves. But it's really not an issue,...
You could actually take pictures of his stuff, put it in a specific folder, then at the end of the year upload it all to blurb dot come and make a photo book for that year. Super cool/special stuff you could keep in a file box, and at the end of the year go through the box to see if it's really all that special. If it's still awesome, it stays in the box in the file labeled "kinder". If not, it goes in the recycle can.    .....says the mom who homeschools, doesn't...
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