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This is our first year homeschooling. Our girls (ages 8, 7 next month and 5.5) are in gymnastics with our hs group 1.5 hours a week, Pioneer Clubs at the church 1.5 hours a week, swimming lessons 1 hour per week with our hs club and then about once a month or more there is some sort of hs club activity... this month is "pet day" at a park.
My girls stopped napping way earlier than 3. My oldest stopped at 12 months, middlest stopped at 19 months and my youngest never actually did nap - she would sleep in 10-15 minute snatches in the sling but never longer than that. No naps was a trade off though, because until this summer (the girls are 5, almost 7 and 8) the girls went to bed at 6:30 pm.
Hi everyone! I'm new to the Working Mamas board. I'm Andra, 26 year old mom to Emily (8 this month) Juliana (7 in Oct) and Abigail (5.) I'm married to Emen (since 7/02) and I'm going back to college! We just decided the night before last, at about 2 a.m.! I'm already accepted, all it took was a phone call because I'm going to finish the last year of the Developmental Services Worker program I started a couple years ago. My husband will be quitting his job and staying home...
We were going to hs year round starting today but we've had some drama in the last couple days so I'm not sure when we'll start. To make a long story short Emen and I had to rush Abi to the hospital twice Sunday... She had an anaphylactic reaction to the penicillan she was on for a bladder infection. She is still covered head to toe in hives and we're on "make sure she keeps breathing" watch. I am so tired. I haven't slept at all. We have to contact her...
Thank you everyone for your replies! Unfortunately I have found a great reply... 2 days ago she had an anaphylactic reaction to the penicillin she was given for a bladder infection, if she hadn't have been snuggled up between her Daddy and I we might not have noticed her difficulty breathing. I don't even want to think about what might have happened if we hadn't have been there. She's okay now but I'm still not going to try and move her out of our bed any time soon!
I rarely hear it anymore. Now I hear "Mommmmmmm I'm ....." then they look at my smile and find something to do That is because the response to "I'm bored" is for Mom or Dad to give them something to do... usually chores.
My 5 year old still sleeps with us.... well, she starts off the night in her bed or in her 6 yo sister's bed but always ends up with us. We have no problem with this but it seems everyone else does. Mostly family, but some friends/aquaintences too. They always go on and on to her that she is a big girl and should stay in her own bed. The older two girls, at 5, were in their own beds fulltime so everyone assumes that my youngest is with us because 1) I'm babying her...
We had the kind that strapped to a regular chair... so we used it until they were about 3 ... but it was more of a booster (no safety belt) than a high chair. We have really short kids :LOL so they could really reach the table without it.
Every day. Not always the same amount of time with each girl each day but every day, even for a few minutes, I have time with each of them. It just depends on whose needs are greater at the time.
My oldest two children are 13 1/2 months apart, middle and youngest are 17 months apart. They are VERY close in size. The youngest is a BIT smaller than the older two but not much! The funniest "are they twins?" I ever had was at Tim Hortons... I had the youngest two there... she looked at them, said "Oh how cute, are they yours?" me: "yes " her: "are they twins?" me: "no, they are 17 months apart" her: "are you sure?" me: (thinking :LOL :LOL :LOL)...
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