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HI--I hope to make the meeting! My 4.5 y.o. girls will be in preschool MWF this year, but I wouldn't mind talking about preschool stuff for the fall as well, esp since I have a 1.5 y.o who likes all things organized. See you soon, m
Thanks for the additional info Th1Th2--do you have any sources, online or print? Marnica--I guess I didn't mention that we don't really use an MD. it's been three years and she wants to do a physical before she'll sign off (tho they have the alternative blood test, quentiferon, at that boston location), and we can't get an appt for months. we found a clinic in the warwick mall. they're going to charge 175 for the xray, unless our md will fax a prescription, which...
HI-- (I hope this isn't too OT--my thinking is that the preservatives in the TB test are similar to those in vaccines.) My partially vaxxed kids are on the spectrum, and in healing them, we've come to find out that our whole family is very chemically sensitive. I've read that the TB test has caused regressive autism, and my husband and I are required to prove that we do not have TB in order to participate in our kids' co-op preschool. We cannot get the quantiferon...
I know a lot of the types of foods JoJo eats, as well as some of the ones she limits, if anyone wants to PM me or call. I'm gonna make some nutrient dense soup for the nursing mama! I can't believe she's joined us! You gotta tell us her name! I can't wait! :::::JOANNA!!!:::: joy::
Is there a baby yet? ::::: and, is there a group tomorrow? should we crash jojo's? m
::::: playgroup again! we'll be there. any snack themes, Sarah? /Jojo--where are you doing the henna? I mean, who's doing it? Lena wants to do it so badly.... I was thinking of ordering a kit, but maybe the good seed has it? see you! :::::
all right, hope to see everyone thursday. feel better! i think we'll go to federal hill house this morning. i'll call you in a bit in case you want to meet there, sonja. bye! mehera
Oh, I knew etsy. Looked for princess clocks--sad pickins. Anyone up for hosting tomorrow? We can, though it won't be clean. We're also up for travel. I bought apples and brie.... Let me know, mehera
You're welcome for last week. Thanks for Thursday, Sonja. Who's up for tomorrow? I can do it, but it will not be clean.... mehera
sounds good. amberoxy--if you can bringthose baby food jars, that'd be awesome. now to see if we can clean up this disaster before the first person arrives..... see you soon, mehera
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