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Does anyone know how much I delute the vinegar?
Does nobody know how to make these no poo balls, I really want to get some started.
How much of each do I use to make the balls?
I was searching through the files and came accrose a recipie for no poo balls. Does anyone have this on hand because I cant find it anymore. Thanks Oh and if you wont to throw any other new no poo recipies in that would be nice too. Thanks Oh yeah, I have really bad dandruff so anything that would help and ichy scalp lol. Thanks
What the heck is no poo?
Thanks so much for your input. I am going to stop using their stuff though I really like Nicole Millers face wash and lotion so I dont know if I will stop using it. If you guys have more info that would be great too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Taedareth In agreement with Carrie. I was given a bottle of M's body wash and it contained 2 or 3 different parabens, plus synthetic fragrance (usually derived from petro-chemicals) and it had dozens of other ingredients with names I didn't recognize. I prefer to use products with a simple list of ingredients and only natural preservatives like GSE or essential oils. I don't know how M got a reputation for "natural"...
I was wondering if anyone had any opinions about the products of Melaleuca. I have recently started using them and wonder how natural they really are. Maybe someone here knows something I dont know. :
I am in Wichita Kansas, I would rather be in Lawrence. I went there to visit family and it is awsome. The people, the feel. I loved it. Lucky you guys.:
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