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We haven't had the best of luck with them. I do use one to hold a tiny little wicker basket of garlic (not garlic I use, but a decoration) I tried using one to hang a hot pad and it was not strong enough for that. Lasted 2 days. 
Something I do with kitchen stuff.... I get baking dishes that are pretty so I can also serve food in them (instead of just a plain pyrex clear glass pan)   and my mixing bowls are pretty white bowls, so again, can be a serving dish.
We have the same set up as pp...one toy basket (about the size of a laundry basket) if it starts to get big we start to get rid of things. We also have a doll house, and a play kitchen. I also have some bins that get put away and brought out from time to time. These are all in seperate bins, mr potatoe heads and parts, duplos, legos, lincon logs, playdoh. We also have other art supplies.  I try to stick with open ended toys since they seem to get more play value.
The garage floor (LOL!) I also went through our med's. I found two bottles of the same thing that expire a month apart...so I poured them into one container vs having two. Got rid of makeup I haven't used (why let it sit around? It's sat around a year already, if I haven't use it yet, I doubt I'll use it anytime soon!)
From experience it seems highlights are lighter/brighter the first few days..because of that I would recommend you get them done on a Friday, so that by Monday they wont be as bright/light :)
I've reorganized my pantry but for visual reasons want to get new containers so everything matches and looks pretty. Any ideas? I have wire shelfs so I worry about using glass because of the weight....         So what do you use? Any suggestions? I would also LOVE to see pictures! :)
I would love to do more natural things with our backyard for my newly turned 4 yearold. I plan to hang some pots and pans to make a music area...any other ideas? I was also thinking a bean teepee, I have a terrible green thumb and so I'm not sure if that will work...
I think she wants that early time slot to also avoid crowds. I don't know why she doesn't just pick another place. Her daughter doesn't even care!
My friends having her daughters party at ChuckECheese...... she can't decide the time... 9:30 on a saturday (because you get extra tokens) or Monday at 7p.m because that's her daughters actual birthday..   I just think those times are really crazy. I have no choice but to go because its my best friend. I've suggested she just pick another location because I think it's asking a lot from parents to have them show up so early on a Saturday, or so late on a school night....
I picked up a over the door hook thing from mashalls. It has four hooks on it and hangs on our closet door.
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