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We have a plastic shoe organizer that hangs over a door... the med's go on the very top and lower pockets have things like extra contacts, qtips, toothpaste and so on. Kids are not allowed in the closet and can't get in it...so it's safe and works out great for us. They also have metal racks in the organize section at home depot.. it's for spices, those would work GREAT for meds'... if I didn't already have ours set up like it is I would go with one of the metal racks.
Does 5.50 sound okay for you per pound? I am about to buy some from a local bee keeper and want to make sure the price isn't to high. I tried using google to search and I found one website that was 6.00 a pound and some craft store that was 11.00 a lb.. so Im guessing it's a good price , but I want to make sure. Thanks!
Could you put the umbrella or bob under a bed to store them? Do you not have a garage/porch?
I've been searching for months.. I'm trying to find a indoor rabbit cage that is large. The rabbit rescue recommends 36x36..not sure that size will happen since most are not sqaure. But I'm trying to get something close to that. I know a dog crate would work but I really want this to look nice and I'd like a "shelf" for the rabbit that isn't something I rigged up.  Thanks for any help. I have searched petsmart/petco and super pets website, as well as google. Most of what...
YES! For kids parties I now tend to buy craft things. I figure they can make something, hang it up - and it's not adding to a mess in a bedroom or toy room. Kids have way to much "stuff"!
I pass it onto my sister since she doesn't have issues with being organized and she doesn't mind clutter... LOL =)
here's the website, http://www.zoobles.com/#/Home/      also I have seen them on sale on amazon.com... target and toysrus also carry them.
I think he is talking about Zoobles! :) They are little creatures.
That is actually something I had read online before and what prompted me to make the call. Great advice for anyone when a dog changes so quickly.  
Just wanted to post that I'm so sorry. That had to be pretty hard to draw blood and that would really concern me- but at the same time, sounds like she is really young and I know those puppy teeth can be sharp, and she is "just" learning.  Good luck in figuring things out! Sorry I don't have any real advice.
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