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Was kinda feeling greedy, thinking there'd be a whole bunch of messages. Anywway, we had to make the realy hard step tonight and put her down. I guess the nipping was because she wasn't feel well. She ended up having a stroke. It's going to be hard telling DD tomorrow. The dog was a huge part of our family.
broke down and called our vet for advice and to get help. They are saying it could maybe be arthritis that's bothering her and so they're going to check that out tomorrow.. I'll post an update after our visit.
Our dog is around 12-13 years old and we have had her since she was 6. She is very good for the most part but has started to sort of nip a little. I've never seen a mark on the skin...but I know it only takes one time. We have taught our daughter how to act/be around her as much as we can (she is 3 1/2) and we warn others that come to our home to not let their kids bother the dog.... I even go as far as not having little kids over for the most part. I have tried...
I've wanted to buy a Goodbyn, but I'm concerned about putting it in a lunch bag with an ice pack  - do you guys do that with yours? Also are they easy for little ones to open? My daughter will be 4 when I give it to her for picnics (eventually for school)
I have the same situation, my daughter will be 4 however (dec 17th is her birthday) we're going to send her, and I am sad to think of her being sad for the first few days or weeks. I feel terrible about it, but I think it will be good for her. She's an only child and loves playing with other kids, but as she kids older more kids are going to preschool/pmo and it's hard to find kids...the parks are empty, mcdonalds is empty... plus I'm hoping it will help her be ready to...
We do them...an example of this years - new underpants ( she loves littlest pet shop undies, but only has so many ) If she were older that might be weird...in that case I would get some new fun socks (or maybe new slippers?), a new toothbrush/tooth paste, maybe some bath salts (kid version, they have fun animals on them and are natural, I saw them at whole foods), a new travel cup(we are stopping the use of reg sippy cups), and then I'll probably pick up some snack type...
This might sound a little weird but when I was in Chicago a few months ago we had brunch at a place that served french toast that was dipped in frosted flakes. It was REALLY yummy.
I think I've got a problem.. I look at the pictures and just want to dive in and organize it all.. LOL :)   I don't dig the big bins in your second photo. It just doesn't allow you to "SEE" what you've got and things probably get forgotten. I would go to homedepot and get a small shelf that will screw into your door, gives you extra space for all of the little things like the apple sauce cups. Also, do you have a garage? What about getting a closet with doors for the...
We actually buy prunes and let dd eat those.. They have a kind where they are indivually wrapped...makes it like a treat/candy. DD loves them.
Came to see if there were anymore posts.  Kind of funny hearing about the playmobil stuff. We've decided on a playmobil barn! I've heard costco has a set so going to check that out in the next few days. It's pricey but I'd rather have one nice toy then 5 cheap ones that get forgotten.
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