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No idea on the names but next to the star provisions deli there is two stores. One two stores down, and one across a bridge with train tracks. Sorry for not knowing the names :| The one a few stores down has wooden animals, plan toys, haba...it's been a year since we've gone in however. The one across the train tracks has wooden toys...it's a small shop but worth checking out. We picked up some haba wooden food there recently.
Quote: Originally Posted by mama*pisces I'm in middle GA too - almost directly in between ATL in Athens. On my babymoon right now but keep me in mind for future playdates...like maybe in a month or two. I have a verrry energetic 3 year old and a one week old. Always looking to make new friends, especially crunchy ones! Are you in Lawrenceville by chance? I have a 3 yearold (4 at the end of dec) little girl. Let me know if you want to meet...
My friend and I are thinking about taking a trip. We decided we would bring a few others with (mutual friends) but then could only think of one friend we would want to come......then she mentioned bringing another friend of hers along. Someone I have met once.. I really don't want that friend to come with. I just don't know her that well, and my friend sometimes acts funny around other people, towards me. What the heck do I say to my friend? I hate to spend the...
I collect things I think dd does not play with or care for and hide them in a closet. If she happens to ask for them once or twice I get them back out otherwise I donate them eventually (I usually wait a few months, atleast 3..)
When I worked in a daycare we focused more on the victim. Did a firm "No biting" "biting hurts" and pointed out the hurt child "look X is crying, biting hurts" and then that was it and focused on the victim. We also tried to keep the biter close so that we could try and stop it before it started. Like if we had story time, the biter was sat right next to one of the teachers. Maybe you could have a specific toy that he can bite. "If you need to bite, you can bite X(a...
Thanks guys! Earthworm, just let me know if he decides he wants to!
My daughter turns 4 at the end of Dec and I am looking for a pen pal for her. Hopefully a child close in age? They could send "letters" or/and pictures back and forth.. Anyone interested? Trying to work with her this year since she's not in preschool yet, and I thought a pen pal would be a fun to have
Turns out she forgot.. Not sure why she didn't just say that in the first place.. instead of telling me "she changed her mind and is going to XYZ" If she would have mentioned, Oh no I forgot and I made plans to XYZ I wouldn't have felt so bad.
It's like fine...flake out on me....lie and say you're sick....stand me up, whatever! But to flake out on my kid? Because you made other plans? Inviting me along doesn't make it okay! I didn't expect this in motherhood. I thought I could rely on the people I call friends. Grrr
I would do 100.00 cash and then get some kind of gift... maybe something sentimental?
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