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I too run a licensed home daycare (going on 5 years this summer), and have a lot of empathy for you mama.  I started my daycare so I could continue to stay home with my oldest (who is 7 now), and continue to do so in order to be home with my youngest (4 months).     My home is much more infant focused right now (with my daughter and my daycare little who is 7 months old) but we still aren't a tv-all-the-time household with the older children even without a specific...
  Not South Ca here.  I could use some good referals to LLL leaders in the East Bay though!     I started domperidone yesterday a friend gave me what she didn't end up using, and I'm awaiting a call back from the kaiser pedi who's going to prescribe some for me as well.  I did try this medication with my son as well, but at a much lower dose and not for very long.  Having a local doctor willing to prescribe and a local pharmacy where I can pick it up will be very...
And my goodness feeding a preemie is hard work, I've hardly had time at the computer (except to write about our breastfeeding issues, ugh).  She's perfect, and so so tiny!  She was 5lbs 8oz when she was born and got down to just under 5lbs.  She did have a 2.5 day stay in the NICU, but is home now!  :)
    Like really REALLY hard.  She couldn't get out of NICU until she was weaned off the IV fluids and was getting stuck for blood sugars right before every new feeding. Around halfway into this process I started supplementing (I was already pumping) with a makeshift SNS (and holy moly they can't have SNS's available in NICU easily?!) because my milk wasn't coming in yet (shock, 2 days after giving birth via c-section at 37 weeks) and I wanted her out of the NICU....
Stay put baby! I'm having a c-section because of placenta previa as well (on the 5th). I'll be 37 weeks 3 days.
I miss sex. I've been on pelvic rest since the beginning of October (and was on pelvic rest for 8 weeks mid-pregnancy as well). Le Sigh.
Awwww we're gonna have babies on the same day!
If this week is any indication next week is going to *crawl* by. I'm excited to get to be pregnant for longer though! And trying to not worry worry worry. The scheduled NSTs are helpful though.
Congrats mama!!!!
We had the amnio done yesterday (not as bad as I expected, but boy if felt weird) and her lungs aren't quite ready yet. So instead of baby tomorrow, we've got baby coming next friday.
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