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Well at 25 weeks there is some time for it to maybe move! Thank you for the well wishes. 2 days until baby! Amnio this morning, eek!
I had my pre-op today with the doctor who will be doing my surgery (next friday, eek!). This is the first doctor I've seen since the first that made me feel human and not like an incubator. He not only is ok with me seeing the birth (either lowering the drape, or a mirror) but thinks its a neat idea and wonders why more moms don't ask about it. I'm still so dreading having to have a surgical birth, but it is really comforting to feel like the doctor doing it isn't going...
Thanks mamas! It'll be the after childbirthing part that's going to hurt for me (planned c/section due to complete placenta previa)! When they went from just having the needle in the skin to into the uterus was that a smooth one motion situation, or do they pause in between with the needle in skin but not yet in the uterus? I think a warning of when it's going to hit uterus might be helpful for me, but don't know if that would really work or if its more of an all in...
Not doing much to prep since I'm on modified bedrest over here... this morning I had dh go hunting for the bassinet in the garage and we could find everything BUT the bassinet! I wonder where in the world it went? Wed. I'm getting my amnio done. Not looking forward to that so much.
Thanks everyone! Knowing what to expect in things like this really helps me to be prepared for it (even if knowing what to expect *is* that it does hurt). I've got anxiety issues like crazy that I can't medicate for during pregnancy, and its very helpful to know what you all felt. Luckily I'm not scared of needles just by themselves.
Next Wednesday I've got an amnio scheduled to check lung maturity before our scheduled c-section on Friday (done at 36 weeks due to complete placenta previa/severe bleeding a few weeks ago/prior full term loss). I've been googling around to see what the pain level is like, and honestly don't find much information out there except for tiny little sentences on baby center and such in their articles. I know they won't be doing a local first, the doctor said its just two...
9 days for me, oh goodness! Do you have your little one's birthday scheduled out yet NYM? (Or perhaps your bitty is already here?!)
When I was in the hospital at the beginning of this month for bleeding they found a blood clot behind my placenta as well (over my cervix, and a vaginal ultrasound to check on the previa was likely what caused the bleeding and clotting). Baby and I are doing fine now, and we only have a c-section scheduled because of the previa, not the clot (which is no longer there and healed up).
Wow, isn't technology amazing sometimes? So you're going to have your wee one before I am! How many weeks will you be? I hope everything goes very smoothly for you and your bitty!
I'm so curious how do they find out her blood velocity was high? Ultrasound? OOoh I hope she does well so you can induce instead of automatic c-section! 13 days until Charlotte's birthday!
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