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I thought this would be a great spot to ask mamas if you were going in to have a c-section what would you really want to bring with you? I've got basics like pjs and my own blanket and pillow and toiletries, but anything that specifically would have made the hospital stay a little nicer after surgery with a newborn?
Oh my New York Mama, to do that transfusion they have to go through your uterus into the baby's umbilical cord, right? I don't think I'd be very graceful during that either (I'm petrified of the upcoming amnio!). How do they find out that the baby needed blood? I mean how do they test for that in utero?? Another NST down today. Three more to go! I swung by the small used baby stuff store right by home and snuck in for about 5 minutes to look at the oh 10 preemie...
Holy moly. That's... 14 days from now. She'll be "late preterm" at 36 weeks and 3 days, but after learning of the reasoning behind the c-section at 36 weeks versus 37 weeks I've agreed that the risks of her staying in longer make delivering a little earlier the best plan. For those who may have missed it, I have complete placenta previa and had a major bleed on the 1st of October that landed me in the hospital for 3 nights/4 days. Luckily it was one bleed, baby...
I'm going to go ahead with the 36 week c/s.
Thank you all! I finally got to speak to the doctor, and the reason he wants to deliver at 36 weeks is because of 1) my bleed and 2) our prior loss of Fiona at 38 weeks. So he actually has reasons, they just never were explained to me. I feel a little bit better about when the section is scheduled after learning there were reasons not just 'eh close enough' or 'best schedule for me!'.
One of our first 'girl shot' ultrasound photos with this baby her bits were swollen and sticking out a bit, and future multiple ultrasounds (joy of a high risk pregnancy with placenta previa and a prior full term loss) showed quite clearly the three lines of labia. So those bits could certainly be swollen girly parts...
Oooh I like the idea of this! Before we side-car'ed the crib for Orion I used a bedrail with a body pillow stuffed into it, but this looks a lot nicer and safer.
I'm one day shy of 34 weeks with a babe when I ovulated on day 29 here
This doctor LIVES at the hospital I swear, so you'd think a different day would be no biggie.... but yes I'm going to stand my ground on this one. I mean if there is a real reason for delivering when they want then tell me, right? Thank Ami, I'll go give it a shot!
Lach the 37 week c-section is because of the previa since if I go into labor on my own I could easily end up having an abruption. From my research I'm comfortable with 37 weeks for that reason, but not 36 for no reason. Corasmama I bet I could ask to be put on hospital bedrest if lungs aren't mature at 36 weeks, but I don't see why if everything is going fine for baby and I that we can't just wait until 37 weeks to do the amnio and section, yk? I like the bus...
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