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Yeah the previa didn't do *anything* until the day after the ultrasound to check on it! Oh my modified bedrest with my MIL running the daycare is quite an experience! She was upset today when I was holding the itty bitty 15 week old (I'm on don't lift anything over 20lbs restriction) but holy moly the best therapy for waiting for Charlotte is holding this sweet daycare bitty! And she was going on and on about the gov't making all our rules today when my son was...
(also posted on the pregnancy after loss forums) I'm still pregnant (33 weeks today), and both baby and I are doing well. Friday afternoon I got up from napping with my daycare children and went to the restroom and bled and bled and BLED into the toilet. Before I went to the hospital I checked on Charlotte's heartbeat which thankfully was loud and clear. It took a few days for the doctors to come to a conclusion of what was going on. My placenta previa was 1.6...
I just got permission to do physical therapy for my hip/pelvic pain. Now if I can just find the sheet with the phone number to call they sent home with me...
Oh yes, after arguing with the doctors over both Orion's and Fiona's due dates because I have wacky cycles I just lied this time around with Charlotte. And funny enough *all* my ultrasounds have only been off by 1-2 days from when *I* know I ovulated. My LMP was Feb 2nd, but I didn't ovulate until day 29! So I just told them Feb 19th. I was even having a conversation with a perinatologist about when I ovulated as compared to the ultrasound and he said "well the egg can...
Oh mama. I hope you might get enough movement to not have to have a c-section! My 32 week check on my previa is this thursday, and I'm so nervous!
I'm starting to ponder a diaper pail as well... Orion's was always stinky, especially when we moved and had a garage and the *heat* in the garage would make it so so smelly.
Low-BP, Low-BP, Low-BP! Come on mama's body make it to 35 weeks! So close!
Have you tried Unisom? I take benadryl because the sleepiness doesn't wear off for me after a few doses (unlike unisom, my body adjusts) but sounds like that isn't a good choice shakiness does not equal a good nights sleep! I also take a cal/mag supplement before bed as well.
When you've got all of the children in your life trained to pick up things off the floor for you and have no problem bribing them to get their assistance!
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