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I call BS as well. I've never had to have a full bladder to check on the baby after 20 weeks, and even at my anatomy ultrasound I simply went for a full bladder by *my* estimation (I drank about 14 ounces starting an hour before the appointment started). If I were in your shoes I would do that again if they wanted a full bladder (but at 37 weeks I'd drink a lot less ).
I have a US scheduled for 32 weeks (end of this month) due to previa. No idea if mine has moved or not, but I'm very anxious hoping it has moved. After two vaginal births I really don't want a section!
I love etsy! I do a lot of window shopping there but have purchased a few extra large receiving blankets, hair bands, knit shoes and a baby carrier from etsy sellers.
With my son I used materials from a medical supply shop. With my daughter I bought the proud body kit, and it was much cheaper (and didn't heat up to boot). They were the best prices I could find, and I was really happy with their service. The link to the blog sounds perfect for casting, although in my experience we always started at the bottom and worked out way up, it didn't interfere with anything. Cutting the pieces ahead of time made smoother edges (the first...
My husband takes B vitamins and this makes his pee BRIGHT YELLOW. So yeah no worries
I run a home daycare, and when pregnant with our little girl we lost full term I waited until 20 weeks to tell them (and I'm a plus sized mama, so it wasn't an issue of showing yet). This time around I've had the same families through the last pregnancy and so I decided to tell them sooner. I did wait until after we had a good ultrasound with heartbeat first, as I had spilled the beans with the wee one I miscarried last year and that was rough.
I'm so sorry mama. So sorry.
How about a doula in training who will attend for free, or a doula who is willing to work for a very reduced rate due to your financial situation?
I dunno but I'm interested too!
I totally vote for Matthew!
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