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We have a air filter dealie that we replaced when ours was freezing up badly one year (now I forget if the filter we replaced was the one inside the house far from the AC or if there is a filter at the unit) and that fixed our problem. But we don't have humidity as an issue here, so I don't know how that factors in. Good luck getting it fixed!
Lookie lookie what we built this weekend!! It still needs to be painted but its structurally sound and sanded ready for my kiddo and my daycare kids to come play test it out tomorrow! http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g3...a/DSC02205.jpg http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g3...a/DSC02204.jpg We put carpets on both 'floors', but eventually I'd love to find a piece of linoleum for the 'kitchen' level (or paint it to look like tile or something) with some more...
I wonder if different positions might help? The discomfort I have from intercourse (now that I'm off pelvic rest, yay!) is deeper for me though (my cervix is so tender right now) so I'm not sure if it would help with other aches.
I know where my placenta is (because we're watching it during ultrasounds at the doctor's since it was complete and now partial previa) and when I use my home doppler I can hear that wooshy wind noise where it is (down low, right side).
Yes, my cervix is so sensitive (especially this pregnancy) that I just can't tolerate certain positions at all. I'm sure the go to position won't work so well once I'm hitting third trimester but laying on my stomach works well for us right now (keeps him from penetrating so deeply).
Oh mama. It so terribly unfair to loose a baby. I hope you are surrounded by love and family and friends who will take good care of you.
I love Fiona, but I'm a little biased I only got one comment about Shrek (from my MIL who hates all our name choices) when we told people her name when she was still in utero. I like Elias Vincent
Its not a weird craving, but before I was pregnant with my son I didn't like fresh cherries. They were just too sour for me. But when I was pregnant with him I craved them like crazy, and now I still love fresh cherries! And a funky aversion, I like brie cheese before I was pregnant with him, but I can't stand it now. Weird.
Awww Annette. Hugs. I know that feeling of 20 more weeks of this?! Between all the pregnancy symptoms and fears of loss its so hard.
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