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I can't knit (and with carpel tunnel I'm avoiding learning and hurting myself more ) but I will certainly sew a blanket for this baby (my bff made one for Orion, and I made one for Fiona). And not so much 'for the baby' but will be doing and painting a belly cast too, I made one for Orion and Fiona as well: http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g3...a/DSC06491.jpg http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g3...ama/belly1.jpg
Oh mama. My heart is so heavy for your loss. I'm glad you got to meet your little Kelly for a little while. I second Heather's idea, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep did *beautiful* photos of Fiona and our family that are treasured in our house. I am so so angry at that hit and run driver.
Yes I'd love it to be fall! Summertime while pregnant is always so so difficult for me (and all my kids were born/due Sept-December) with getting headaches and dizzy and feeling like I've got mild heatstroke from small doses of high heat. Add in the fact that my car's A/C is broken so I'm stuck at home unless I can borrow Dh's car (or its late/early) and I'm going stir crazy and it could SO BE FALL ALREADY. Doesn't hurt I've got a baby coming late fall either Summer...
I'm randomly throwing up... and get so dizzy so easily (especially in the heat, I just can't take it at all). I threw up breakfast on tuesday and had all my daycare kids trying to get me to help them get water, play with them, ect. right in the middle of it. Kinda funny now, but in the moment not so much.
I don't have any to add that I haven't seen here, but I had to sub because I'm loving all the names!
It wouldn't bother me at all. In fact I was going to have some of Fiona's ashes mixed into her memorial tattoo, but it just didn't happen in the end. Deceased bodies used to freak me out. When my father and grandmother passed on I had no desire to visit their coffins at their wakes and especially did not want to touch their bodies and have my last memories of them be like that. But when we lost Fiona we kept her with us for 8 hours. Held her. Loved on her. Had...
From reading if previa is in the second trimester the odds it WON'T move is like 2%. If it is still previa at the third trimester the odds of not moving is 24%. At the perinatologist's office at 15 weeks I had complete previa. I had my anatomy scan today (18 weeks) and I'm marginal with it being .5 or 1.5 cm from the OS (depending on which measurement you're looking at). Pretty good chances it'll move. Pretty good chances that you'll have no bleeding issues. Who...
DDCC Oh mama! I'm so glad that your wee one has been able to pull through so far. My heart goes out to you and your family and I'm thinking of you!
Me too me too! At 15 weeks along I had complete placenta previa, and just had an ultrasound today (the big anatomy one) and have marginal previa now (1.5cm or .5cm away depending on which measurements you look at ).
Reminds me of my US with Fiona. The woman wouldn't let Dh or Ds in with me, and was in a bad mood, clearly annoyed at having to do this scan on a fat women, and I had to tell her a few times to lay off on pushing so hard on me. I hope a letter helps!
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