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I agree with the PP, the only downside is if you need childcare during that time, meaning your work requires a lot of quiet time or you need to concentrate, I'd work on finding childcare for those days. I work about 15 hours/week from home and I do schooling most evenings on days I work. It's flexible and that's what is so nice. But, when I work, I NEED to concentrate so I have to arrange for childcare.
We did the same thing. We lived in CA, Arizona, NM, Nevada, and now in Texas. We travel all the time with my husband's job but we have a homebase of Texas, where we own a home. When we didn't own a home, we used my mother's address for all our contact information and followed that state's guidelines. It's a TON of fun traveling while homeschooling and I have been blessed to live/travel around the country (and soon the world) for free with his job. Have FUN!
I fully intend to cover college costs or trade-school costs, depending on what my children choose. I will pay tuition, boarding (on campus), and will pay book fees. I will not give them money to live on, they will need to work for that. I was promised by my own parents that they would cover college and when the time came for me to apply, I was told they chose not to. (Not that they didn't have the money. It was just out of spite.) I ended up graduating with a...
My son is in 9th grade and he wants to do some health. I am wondering if anyone is familiar with a health curriculum? Thanks!
I kind of used Calvert for our Pre-K daughter and can't remember if it's secular or not. (I have bad short term memory!) It was boring for her but in the homeschooling world, I've learned everyone is so different.
I agree with the previous poster because something is obviously going on. Get your sister in touch with what's going on and take it from there. Once you start homeschooling, he may really see it's something he does want. What a good aunt you are!
I've never had to publically state my stance on homeschooling simply because I have a mother that makes me do that everyday! Here's my take: 1) My son is 13. He was bullied/beat up and has been since 6th grade. His grades started slipping, we did tutoring, talked to teachers, counselors, and principal after principal and had no luck in the bullying. We pulled him out of school and he's been fine. The reason we homeschool is also because we travel a lot and it gives...
How is it better? I have my son back. The influences in his life were just so venemous, and I'm now seeing that. He's an amazing child and now that he's out of the school environment, he's matured so much and has been a joy. How is it worse? I wish I had more of a chance to stick to a schedule because that's what works well for us. How MUCH different is it than you thought? Again, his personality has changed and it's been super-easy to teach him because of it....
At the end of every "semester" per se, my friend and another homeschooling mom friend of hers get a hotel room in our city. They swim, go to the spa, and relax, and at night, they plan their curriculums for the next few months! She is amazing and gets a lot done. If you can't do this, I would say trading off days with someone every now and then would be a great idea.
I haven't had a chance to browse through all responses, so sorry if I repeat anything. Would you be opposed to summer school programs in your local school district? The ones where we live are inexpensive and quite a few homeschooled high school kids attend to get ahead or catch up. I suggest community college. Many community colleges have remedial programs for these sorts of situations. She can possibly take the entrance exams and see where she fits as far as what...
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