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We had an original Hip Hammock and LOVED it! Bought it at a gift fair from the original makers before they were available mass-market! Great carrier for older babies and toddlers!
Nope, not for me. I'll leak with let down (if my previous experience is anything to go by) for at least the first year and probably even longer. I wear nice reusable breast pads every.single.day.and.night around the clock or else I have a mess on my hands (or rather, my shirt lol.)     eta: I've tried every brand of disposable pads and several reusable ones and finally found some I really like on etsy. I bought a dozen pairs and havn't had a single leak yet. I just...
I'm generally sad when I see people with only one child. I'm an only child and I hated it. HATED it. I was always jealous of my friends with siblings. Plus since we had no close family and my parents didn't have many friends with kids, I ended up hanging out with adults a lot and in turn was rather snotty with kids my age and didn't get along with them well.. Just something to think about!
I bought this bra for when I start back at work without baby (he comes with me every day still, but eventually I'll leave him home sometimes too) http://www.thedairyfairy.com/ I've only worn it a couple of times and haven't tried pumping with it yet but so far it's comfortable and I ADORE the adjustable cup size!! Such a neat design and sounds like it might solve some of the "what to wear" issues.
Bambi - awesome!! Go Gray!!   Mayday - that's great! I'm sure that's a relief for you!
Munchkin - anyone in the group would be able to see your posts to the group as well as your basic info based on your privacy settings that you already have in place. No one outside of the group would see what you post in it nor would we be able to see anything you post on your own wall etc (assuming your privacy settings are set that way.) We would be able to see your real name and any information on your profile that is set as "public". If you join the group and decide...
I've never worried about getting my kids on a schedule. Just not our thing.
bacout is a god send ;)   We wash our diapers and covers together - one wash with no soap, one with soap. that's it. In the dryer on regular heat. Honestly, they're diapers. I don't give a crap if they get a little stained lol Most of the time the stains come out after a few washes on their own with no fuss or muss on our end. We have too many other things to worry about. If we get a poop or spit up stain on clothes, we use the bac out and that usually works.   I...
This is exactly what I was going to say. Thank you for sharing your precious daughter with us <3
We nurse on demand I don't really pay attention to how long or how often he's nursing, we just go with it. BUT that being said, in the last couple of weeks we've had a few instances where he was really fussy and I assumed he was hungry but unable to latch (we've had some sinus issues so it's hard for him to nurse if his nose is plugged up) anyway after a few minutes of fighting to get a good latch for him, I realize that he's not hungry at all and just trying to tell me...
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