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Quote: Originally Posted by aneta Hi Everyone, Hope you are all enjoying summer.It was on busy june for my family, and somehow we spaced out with our usual baby wearing meetings. Time to get back on track... We are having babywearing meeting this coming wednesday, july 7th, starting around 1pm,in Lindenhurst, hope that time works for most of you.There will be many baby carriers to demonstrate and try on, bring questions and baby gear to show...
Thank you for your responses. The last 3 days have been particularly horrific. I'll get some fish oil as mine have expired. I know what you mean about lettuce, Lineymom. I try to avoid it as well. I will try some stretching. I just can't go through this all day every day, I'll never leave my house.
I'm 5.5 weeks and having a terrible time with a bout of IBS this past week. The last time I had to go through this was in my second trimester with baby #2. I've increased my fiber, but it's not helping. Also started to take some acidophilus. I feel horrible. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
I've had a little heartburn so far, in fact that was my first symptom. I n ever had it with my other pregnancies, either.
Not showing yet! This will be #3 and I'm only 5 weeks, so I'm not expecting to.
I'm expecting #3 and I'd like to birth at home, but I know I can't afford it out of pocket. I keep hearing that homebirthing is covered by NYS insurance, but I'm not sure if this means it's covered by my insurance just because I live in NY. I don't want to sound like a dummy when I call the midwife () can someone explain this to me?
Quote: Originally Posted by babykaoss I have never been so happy to read anything in my whole life. *sigh* This has been true for me.
I'm 4.5 weeks and until tonight I felt better than usual. Now I'm popping Altoids to quell the nausea. I had HG with dd, so I'm terrified about taking care of 2 other kids this time around going through that.
Mornin' Mamas!:
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