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You should let them do for themselves whatever they can do themselves. Dont worry if they dont do it right, or neatly.
Both when they were 2 years old.
Inside our house? sure. In our yard? sure. Outside in public? yes and no, it depends. I dont think I would let him wear a dress out of the house, in our neighborhood down the street where people or other children might know him and who might later tease him. If we were going somewhere outside of the neighborhood where only strangers were around, and only strangers would see him, then sure, why not? However, my 2 sons never wanted to wear dresses, so it...
I have 3 children, and never made any of them sleep if they didnt want to. They will sleep if they are tired. Never ever had a problem. I cant imagine if someone tried to make me sleep if I was not tired.
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